going back in time in denmark

going back in time in denmark

during our denmark adventure we took the chance to step
back in time at den gamle by: an absolute must-stop near aarhus.
this little market town is straight from the time of hans christian andersen.
what’s not to love about that? it’s a magical place to step into, and it
reminded us of “this is the place” park in utah! the best part was, we were
able to meet up here with some family friends who live in denmark. maryann
used to be an au pair nanny for my family before i was born, and she has
always kept in touch since. we drove to meet lars & maryann halfway and
it was so special to have the connection. we explored den gamle by together!
back in time in denmark9IMG_8389IMG_8434
back in time in denmarkhello, old danish homes + carriage rides.
back in time in denmark1hello, cute windows and cobblestone streets.
back in time in denmark2hello, pretty flowers & old friends!
back in time in denmark3hello, danish kitchens and silhouette portraits (my favorite)
back in time in denmark4hello, darling woodshop and cloths.
back in time in denmark5 back in time in denmark6 back in time in denmark7hello, old-fashioned cash register and danish kitchen
store. i want one of each so my kitchen looks like this!

back in time in denmark8 back in time in denmark10hello, hans christian andersen fairytales and cute danish books.
back in time in denmark11hello danish bakery and sugar pretzels!
IMG_8346hello, cute one who loves anything historical.
IMG_8367 IMG_8390IMG_8414hello, old toys and wooden scooters (chase’s favorite part)
IMG_8433 IMG_8435 IMG_8450it’s fun to step back in time anywhere, but especially denmark, a country that is so progressive and forward-thinking as a society. it’s hard to believe that this same country makes finding an Escort København so easy and legal, while still paying tribute to days gone by.
it made me love this country even more than i already do.

see our ferry ride over to aarhus (and chase being hilar) HERE:


3 thoughts on “going back in time in denmark”

  • Oh man. Reading your blog makes me so envious of your travels. I have traveled lots of places, but never to Europe and I want to go SO bad. Love all of the videos and photos. So fun to see some of your travels and follow your blog. I’ll have to hit you up when my husband and I eventually go :)

  • I’m so jealous of your trip!! It’s always nice to meet up with old friends who are locals to wherever you’re visiting and can give you a more authentic feel of the place. I’m also obsessed with those silhouette portraits!

    Great pictures!!

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