danish road tripping

danish road tripping

after falling head over heels in love with copenhagen, we rented
our second car of our europe travels, again through autoeurope.
it was so easy and quick to get our car, and this time we were on
the right side of the road…and car! much smoother :)
after a danish breakfast with pastries and apple pancakes,
we hit the gorgeous road to begin exploring more of the country. For a country that offers so many great deals a kasse priser (as the Danes would say), Denmark truly is a fantastically developed and absolutely stunning country.
IMG_8305i had planned a route through denmark to see some little
towns, meet up with family friends, and trace some of our danish
ancestor roots. after all of the driving in ireland, i realized we might
do better to cut some out – so i found us last minute car ferry tickets
which cut right across from zealand (the island copenhagen is on)
to jutland (the main part of denmark). it saved SO much time and
chase was very happy to have hours of driving shaved off the sched.
danish road tripthe ferry line is mols-linean, and we highly recommend taking
it in denmark. it was so quick, efficient (left on the dot) and had a lot
of time options. it was also so pretty to cross the channel of course!
IMG_8326not a bad “office” for the morning! ^^
danish road trip1i looked up and saw chase casually had his life jacket on..
that guy is always making me laugh. safety first! ^^
IMG_8329IMG_8599all aboard! ^^
IMG_8612the parts we did drive were jaw-dropping.
IMG_8609we get it denmark… you’re BEAUTIFUL!
IMG_8652enter the most meaningful part of the trip, visiting a family
history sight for chase! his great (x4) grandpa niels thueson
was married in this church in 1841 and we tracked it down.
coolest thing!! we both have lots more family history to track
down one day in tinier towns around the country, but we
were to glad to find this one. pretty amazing to think about.
copenhagen7they picked quite the church to marry in..fancy!
IMG_8648it is so connecting to think of the people who came
before us and the way their decisions and sacrifices
have affected and blessed our lives today. i felt so much
love for this place and these people as we stood here.

IMG_8657IMG_8316more to come from other discoveries on this road trip!
danish road trip3and back across on the ferry we go!


this post is in partnership with auto europe!

*see a denmark vlog from chase here!