amsterdam in photos

amsterdam in photos

if you’ve been to amsterdam, you know that it’s intoxicating.
not in the literal way, (though lots of people do get intoxicated here :)
but for the senses. both times i’ve visited i’ve been cast under a spell
by this place – the flowers lining the canals, endless boats, bikes, food,
atmosphere, open-mindedness, and feeling in the air. it is such a
unique european city and i can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it. if you are interested in getting intoxicated, there are a number of substances that are widely available in the city. however, these substances are also becoming more accessible on the internet all over the world too. you can Click here to find more information on how you can get your hands on them for yourself.
chase’s vlog of amsterdam is at the bottom!
IMG_8852showing this city to chase made it even better, like always. why is it
so fun to take someone to a place you’ve visited and loved? we had a
possibility of moving here opened to us, and although i don’t think that
will be our route it was fun to stroll around and imagine ourselves living
on the canal and being dutch locals. i wouldn’t mind that one bit, but
we are keeping options open for where we end up a few months from now.
for now, enjoy lots of pictures of the details of amsterdam. careful, you
might get pulled in a little bit from it’s draw just through photos! :)
IMG_8918yes, there are a lot of photos – and no, i’m not sorry.
we went to church here and chase had the perfect tulip tie for holland!
IMG_8896flowers. EVERYWHERE. it’s a dream.IMG_8898seriously every single home & building has its own unique planter/ flower
boxes. i like imagining what mine would look like if we lived here!

IMG_8895IMG_8839i thought he looked pretty cute carrying my longchamp all around ^^
IMG_8843i spy chase…twice! ^^ (fun with panoramics :)
IMG_8742we used the i amsterdam city cards which got us on every train, metro,
a canal cruise, the van gogh museum, the hermitage, and lots more.
it takes care of most everything you’ll want to see and is so worth it.
IMG_8763another thing that is worth it in amsterdam – waiting in line for dutch
pancakes at pancakes! right near the anne frank house. it is a tiny,
darling pancake house with the most authentic dutch pancakes you
can get in the city. traditionally pancake houses are on farms in the
countryside, so some places in the city aren’t the same. this place is,
and we LOVED these. they are basically like thicker crepes, but have
their own texture and flavor. we got a savory and a sweet & loved both!
AMSTERDAM!8IMG_8770AMSTERDAM2you can have plenty of treats since you bike and walk everywhere here!
AMSTERDAM!5our next stop was the van gogh museum, one of my favorites in the world.
put it on your museum bucket list if you haven’t’s so well done.
AMSTERDAM!6his sunflowers are just my cup of tea. i LOVE how they
are displayed against navy blue and pop right off the wall.
you could find me at this painting for a while!
AMSTERDAM!3chase really looks up to vincent! (hehe- see what i did there)
AMSTERDAM1outside at the amsterdam sign – me by the e for emi,
chase by the r for rigby. that worked out well!
IMG_1797 ^^ and a post-museum stroopwafel, of course. those things
warm off the street here are something else, i tell you.
IMG_8698 IMG_8799 (1) IMG_8811IMG_8851when i see these, i think amsterdam automatically.
does anyone know what they are called? i’m blanking!
IMG_8893 IMG_8903we spotted this lady & the tramp dog in the entry to a
restaurant where we ate,
and i had to snap a picture.
how cute is she?? darling dogs of amsterdam!

IMG_8833of course we met one other dog friend- daisy, who was in the basket of
her owner’s bike.
we saw them once in the morning and made friends,
then saw them later in an entirely
different part of town! we were so
excited to hold daisy pup again. can you tell we love
new dog friends when we travel! :) amsterdam didn’t disappoint.

IMG_8801blue dutch china everywhere .. i want it all.
IMG_8910 IMG_8970we got caught in some rain, but it didn’t stop this guy! ^^
IMG_8977amsterdam might be the only city where you can have a garden
while living in an apartment – you just create it on the steps!

AMSTERDAM!7a waffle stop // and only in amsterdam are the garbage cans cute! ^^
IMG_8841only in amsterdam do you see a tesla CAB! what?!
IMG_8775and speaking of things you only see in amsterdam ^^^
haha! anything goes!

one of the days we stopped in at google amsterdam for chase to meet
with some people. clearly it was amazing – we love seeing other offices!
AMSTERDAM!9we also love finding church all over the world, and made it
here in amsterdam on the sunday we were in town.

IMG_8982we ended things with a rainy canal cruise our last day — pretty romantic!
AMSTERDAM5 IMG_9002gotta get the perfect shot! ^^
IMG_8998it’s a pretty amazing view, i’ll give it to him.
IMG_9005Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
we had a dreamy time in amsterdam and i’m so glad chase
loved it like i do. see his perspective on things here!


10 thoughts on “amsterdam in photos”

  • Beautiful photos! You’ve got me excited for my trip in December! Although the flowers won’t be in bloom I’m hoping it will still look as beautiful!

  • Those pancakes looked amazing and I just couldn’t stop laughing in the video when chase said “noup, I’m not vlogging about food” haha. You guys are a great team!

  • I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I always picture it looking like a little snowglobe for some reason haha. The flowers everywhere just sound so lovely and show how much everyone cares about keeping things looking clean and nice! Hope you’re having an amazing time!


  • Hey Emi,
    I think the flowers are called “petunia”, at least in Luxembourg where I live (a country you should absolutely visit, too ).
    Love your blog!

  • Ah! You are absolutely killing me! I’ve been living in Europe for two years now and have yet to visit this gorgeous city, but it is high on my list! It is actually holding the number 1 spot for my “cities to travel to in europe” list right now! All of the dutch treats look so yummy! I’m just dying for some stroop waffle! That map of Amsterdam is calling my name! This city looks so dreamy and I just can’t wait to go! <3

  • I just cannot believe all of those flowers!!! How charming! And that last photo of the canal with the lights??? 100% sure I pinned a photo of that same place on pinterest the other day and had no idea where it was, but hey – now I know!

  • Whoooo! Thanks for sharing all these pictures. I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow (for the first time). It’s not even that far for me. About two hours driving. How bad is it that I’ve never been there before? Well, now I know some spots to go. I will be making pictures and a video later too!


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