aarhus, denmark

aarhus, denmark

a new day, a new place.
it’s exhausting & invigorating all at once.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset we are soaking it up and trying to remember this is so
once-in-a-lifetime to be traveling across europe with no
place to call home. we’re making the most of it, because
there will never be a time like this again! our next stop in
denmark was the city of aarhus. we fell pretty hard for it..
IMG_8582it’s easy to like a place when this is the view
from your hotel window. as much as i love big cities,
we all know it’s the little towns that count..especially
in europe. when i was younger and came with my family
my mom was always so good at finding charming little
european towns and those are some of my favorite memories.
so no wonder i like to seek out these places now on this adventure!
aarhusone of the best parts of the smaller towns is the hotels.
they are much more affordable than in big euro cities, and
so enjoyable. our hotel here was right in town center (yet
still quiet and relaxing) and it was one of my favorite hotels
yet. i said to chase when we arrived, “this is so so european.”
aarhus2in the best way possible, villa provence hotel in aarhus offers
a true european hotel experience. i soaked up every second here.
aarhus3IMG_8467room keys all hanging up ^^ i love how they hold your key
for you while you’re out at a lot of hotels here. much easier!
IMG_8487this was the courtyard, so…yep. zero words.
IMG_8456IMG_8460aarhus8their little breakfast room ^^ 
why are europeans so much better at breakfast?
almost every hotel includes it, and it’s done so right.
also, why is the butter in europe just so much better? :)

IMG_8493after enjoying our hotel, we ventured out and into
the town..which doesn’t take long, it’s all so close!
IMG_8542IMG_8528we stumbled upon gorgeous buildings, fresh fruit,
fun little shops…no agenda, just wandering.
IMG_8506aarhus9noa noa is the place to shop in denmark, ladies!
thanks to the edgley’s for the tip on this :)
aarhus1we also stumbled upon more danish soft ice cream,
and a store sign that (kind of) said chase’s name :)
IMG_8514we even love the dogs in denmark ^^
(let’s be honest, we love dogs everywhere..but he was an extra cute one)
aarhus10this makes me laugh out loud ^^ lots of the stores here have
half – mannequins just for the legs or top, so chase stood behind
this one and it looked way too real! ha look closely, not his legs ;)

IMG_8516we were obsessed with the cutest, spunkiest dollar-type store
called tiger (also a tip from the edgley’s!) if we weren’t traveling so
lightly in backpacks, i would have bought so much here. it’s the best!

IMG_8581 IMG_8545our wandering eventually led us to the only item on
our agenda – dinner at the best spot in town.

IMG_8552IMG_8564we arrived to restaurant olive a little bit earlier than our
reservation, and a lot earlier than the european dining hours..
so we had it almost to ourselves before it slowly filled in during
the meal. after a day of driving, ferrying, and walking around town,
this meal stood out as a true favorite and must-stop when in aarhus.

aarhus6^^ check out that handsome dinner date. also, check out
that menu in straight danish :) good thing our waitress could
translate! also good thing everything on the menu is amazing
so you could order anything and not go wrong here.

IMG_8566vegetable soup with the perfect flavor ^^
IMG_8567buttery, garlic-y mussels done the only way i’ll eat them ^^
IMG_8571and simply but satisfying chicken with asparagus.
it was a perfect take on comfort food and it hit the spot.

IMG_8576loveliest restaurant ^^
aarhus7after dinner we walked back along the water before
heading back to our villa provence hotel to catch up on sleep.

IMG_8592the view from our little hotel room the next morning! we’ll remember
this one forever. i’m collecting all of these memories as my most prized
possessions because like they say, collect experiences, not things!


see chase’s aarhus vlog here!