the mountain town of truckee

the mountain town of truckee

IMG_6900after our fun stay in south lake tahoe with family, we headed around the
lake on the last day of the trip to stop through truckee for some breakfast
and part ways with the salt lakers as we headed back to san francisco.
IMG_6827we drove by emerald bay on the way, which is jaw-dropping beautiful ^^

IMG_6829and YES this picture is blurry since we self-timed it on top
of the car… you win some, you lose some. but i still love it!

IMG_6841we pulled into the darling mountain town of truckee for
some of the best breakfast (and well worth the wait!)
truckee6^^ we explored town while waiting and found some of the cutest shops..
IMG_6858then it was time for brunch all together before goodbyes!
IMG_6889the squeeze in is a must-stop in truckee (as well as in a few other locations)
it’s hearty breakfast in a family friendly atmosphere and we all LOVED it.
IMG_6884i’ll just let the pictures do the talking. from the
stuffed french toast to breakfast burrito… the famed omelettes and eggs benedict..
IMG_6864everything was a hit!
IMG_6870there’s something for the whole family here, even teddy bear pancakes ^^
truckee1^^ have you seen cuter pancake eaters? because i haven’t.
truckee3our family is a breakfast family — and every single person LOVED
their order here. this meal took some of the sting away of saying goodbye…
IMG_6877as we sat around the breakfast table, we talked about the next time
all of us kids will be together … and we don’t even know! all of us
have changes coming up and with my parents gone and different
plans for holidays, we may not all be together again for a while!
it is a crazy thought and not something we’re used to, so we soaked up
all the time possible. i’m SO glad we did this trip now while we could!
IMG_6850after the best breakfast + morning in truckee it was time to get on the road…
truckee5we’ll skip right on by the goodbye part because that is no fun.
IMG_6897 IMG_6839we headed out of truckee and since we had a much shorter drive
back to san francisco than they did, we stayed a little while to use
the anniversary gift i gave chase — a visit to the spa for two massages!
IMG_6910we drove up into the mountains to one of the prettiest

properties i’ve ever seen, the ritz-carlton highlands.
truckee9we had a couples massage which we had never done — it was
so fun and funny, like a party in the room with us and our masseuses!
Spa Couples Treatmenttruckee12
truckee14while already missing our family, we soaked up some r&r in one of the
nicest settings before heading home to craziness. we needed this before all
that is ahead the next few weeks … which i’m posting about TOMORROW! 

RC_Spa Pool_v4s

here’s to such a memorable week in lake tahoe. we’ll be back!

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