tahoe VIDEO + paddleboarding

tahoe VIDEO + paddleboarding

our lake tahoe trip was a pretty special time to be with family,
and this video shows why. i think this is one of my favorite trip videos
we’ve made – full of all the fun we had & memories we made being together.
there is nothing like a trip to bond you with loved ones..and we have it documented!
i keep watching it over and over because i miss everyone so much! here it is:

**if you can’t see it [some countries in the US won’t show it
with this song] then try clicking HERE to watch!i love chase for many reasons, and one is that he also loves to document and
does it in the coolest ways [hello, quad copter.] he helps us capture and
remember so many experiences and he made this video amazing!

a few more photos are below of our day paddleboarding the crystal clear
lake and playing on the beach! it was such a great trip. see our home
rental here, gorgeous hike here, and day boating on the lake HERE.

we parked ourselves right on the private beach at tahoe beach & ski club
to enjoy an afternoon of paddleboarding, lounging, picknicking, beach
baseball, and pretty lake views. it’s an amazing property right on the lake
and this property is great to know about for visitors and RCI users to stay!
they also set up our paddleboarding which made the day so easy + fun.
IMG_5114auntie em with little lydia + taggart. in love with them! ^^^
paddleboarding tahoewe all took turns taking paddleboards out – perfect clear lake to do it on!we got some fun views from above with the drone ..
paddleboarding tahoe2
beach bum!
love this picture of brady and mindy paddling away ^^
IMG_6765we played some rounds of beach baseball ^^
IMG_6771it was perfect practice since these two are starting a t-ball league
and my brothers are the coaches! can it get any cuter than that?
paddleboarding tahoe1we enjoyed the pool and private beach at tahoe beach and ski club
all day between paddleboard sessions, baseball game, and swimming.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 4.56.59 PM^^ paddleboarding under the pier!
paddleboarding tahoe6paddleboarding tahoe3when an afternoon storm rolled in we stopped
by nearby heavenly ski resort to check it out..

paddleboarding tahoe4we’ll be back in the winter!
IMG_6790we also stopped into zephyr’s cove to see the big steam ships.
we were planning on doing the emerald bay boat tour, but we
were wiped out and hungry so we decided to raincheck it…literally.

IMG_6813 we made a wise choice to head to a new joint we had heard all
about, and it’s a must in south lake tahoe – verde mexican rotisserie.
it’s in the tiny town of meyers right across from our other favorite:
getaway cafe, so note that some of the best food is just ten minutes
south in this area! this place is a must-hit when in lake tahoe.
paddleboarding tahoe5aptly named verde, this restaurant is green: organic, fresh, and flavorful.
it’s mexican food with a health twist, so you leave feeling amazing.
paddleboarding tahoe7be sure to try the verde burrito (sweet potatoes and black beans packed
full of other goodness) and one of the fresh salads. don’t forget tri-tip!
we love you lake tahoe!