packing & playing

packing & playing

we want to leave this city on a high note and squeeze every last drop of fun
out of it before leaving. so amidst all of our packing these final days in SF, we’ve made
sure to have
plenty of playing too. my mind has been spinning with all of the details
and stress points, but i really haven’t wanted this last time to be tainted by those things.
so, here are some final glimpses of PACKING IT IN (something we’ve been known to do :)

these mrs. & mr. leather luggage tags that chase just
barely got for our third anniversary fit perfectly on
our new bags! now they can’t ever get separated :)
we’ve been visiting old favorites and new discoveries all through
the city, and we finally stopped into the palace hotel on the way
to church this weekend . . . look at it! one of my new favorites. ^^
packing and playing8 i’ve been running along the embarcadero almost every day this
week to soak it in and spend some time with my fave sea lions ^^
a little gopro shot taken from chase’s office window…
i fear he may never have a better view than this! :)
packing and playing17i also fear we may have major withdrawals from our nightly bob’s
donuts runs. you can see how chase feels about these when they
come out fresh late at night :) luckily we’ll have great treats in europe!
even as i’m packing up dishes i still find a way to pick new items out ^^
we also had to try soulcycle before leaving SF. we may be a few years
late to this trend but it was a crazy experience… fun to do together!
packing and playing6the very last thing i made in our kitchen was my very fave coconut chocolate
chippers..we brought them to church for all our friends we’ll miss!
we crossed one of our biggest packing hurdles by loading up a van
with our last few belongings we hadn’t sold / shipped, and storing
them across the bay in oakland. it was the biggest relief to get this done.
ps as you can see above, chase is a master box packer .. he does it like tetris!
packing and playing19
through the city and across the bridge with ALL of our belongings in tow ^^
packing and playing1

a few last minute restaurant stops that we hadn’t yet tried ^^

packing and playing3and we fit in a visit to the google youtube office in san bruno.
each conference room is named after a famous youtube video:
“david after dentist, boom goes the dynamite,” etc. loved it
and we’re excited to see more fun google offices in europe!
shipped off the last of the closet sale & some other items home. phew!
among the packing and playing i did get some pampering with
a mani/ pedi at lux in hayes valley. cutest of all cute nail salons, and
so relaxing to have done during this crazy week. i even fell asleep!!
packing and playing16 last doughnut run with joe and becca before all four of us leave SF..
they are headed to law school in virginia! already missing them.
IMG_0768in our packing i was sure to leave room for our FAVORITE jokers & marbles
game. i was so happy when i found this portable, lighter version online
so that we can take it with us on the road! find it here. you’ll LOVE it!
packing and playing15^^ we snuck in one more sidewalk dinner at
nob hill cafe on a glowy summer night 

packing and playing18 ^^ our suitcases are filled with everything from summer swimsuits
to winter coats and scarves since we don’t know how long we’ll be there!
IMG_0806during my time spent packing / organizing, i watched way too many
episodes of this show ^^ (girl meets world, the spinoff of classic boy
meets world.) haha so cheesy but so nostalgic. not even ashamed!!

packing and playing12chase’s brother drew happened to have business here in SF just
the week before we leave … perfect timing since he hadn’t been out!
(no they don’t look alike at all, but yes i promise they are brothers! :)
packing and playing10we did dinner at slanted door, one of SF’s best. thanks shel!
packing and playing14^^ one more time happening upon a huge chinatown parade / festival..hah!
add to last SF postsome of my last g shuttle rides and clearing my work computer! ^^

packing and playing2we’ve been lucky to have dates with favorite friends these past weeks
before leaving. love our friends out here, especially these two! ^^

and one more giants game of course, like you saw in the last post ^^
add to last SF post1changed over all the cash from selling things –> into euros. YAY!
add to last SF post2we became those people who leave nice, cute furniture on the street
of SF for free because now we don’t have the time nor energy to sell it!
IMG_1252 add to last SF post3empty apartment + full suitcases ^^
packing and playing9this city has allowed us to live life to the fullest and soak up every
second…even up until the last second! we’ll miss it come july 1st!