farewell brunch in SF

farewell brunch in SF

we have ten days left in the city by the bay!
that feels so surreal, but i’m ready to be on that plane to london
because the longer it drags out the harder it will be, and we just want
the moving / packing / storing part to be over! in the meantime,
we are still fitting in some final san francisco memories before taking
off. we have to remind ourselves we’ll be back to visit our entire lives,
but this chapter of living in the heart of the city is coming to an end…
so we’re doing things like going to brunch so we don’t have to think
about our goodbye to the city. brunch fixes everything, right? it does
in san francisco. we paired it with a run to a favorite spot, making it
another classic san francisco weekend morning that we love so much.

IMG_0605i took this picture on accident on my phone at the painted ladies,
but i kind of like how it turned out … a little artsy, right? :)
reverb brunch -farewell sf3^^ jogging by the pretty streets to a heavenly brunch
IMG_0090^^ we passed this little street fair + jazz performance on the way – so san francisco!
IMG_6191we tried reverb (the new take on verbena) right on polk and it is a new must.
it’s rustic, hearty, fresh, and everything you want in a meal. these carrot pancakes
were decadent while still light. they also have a peach cobbler french toast so… yeah.
reverb doughnuts^^ brioche doughnuts + a cozy interior make for a great brunch.
reverb interiorschase went for the chicken & waffles, always a favorite of his.
good thing he had just worked out on our run, and done one of these:
IMG_0634haha always entertaining when i can convince him to toe touch in public!
IMG_6189 the brunch menu includes lunch items like this kale beet salad that we sampled ^^
output_JiL8C1and i leave you with a GIF of the toe touch – he really is pretty good at them!


17 thoughts on “farewell brunch in SF”

  • Hi Emi!
    I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and you have the grandest adventures! I wondered if you might be able to offer a few suggestions? I am coming to SF in a few weeks and I wondered some of the “must see” and “must do” things in the city. I am planning to go to a Giants game, but other than that, I really haven’t planned anything else. Would you mind offering some of your favorites? You can always e-mail me if you want, but any help is greatly appreciated! I’m really excited to visit SF and I wish you much luck with your move to London! How exciting! :)


    • hi!! so fun you are coming here – and a giants game will be great!
      you can check our guide to SF, SF food guide and also neighborhood guide for favorites, but don’t miss brunch at farm:table, foccacia at liguria in little italy, lunch at boudin sourdough, the ferry building, biking the bridge (and to sausalito with a ferry ride back if you’re up for it!) union square, and tartine.

      just a few faves! xoxoxoxo

  • That donut picture belongs in a magazine!

    I know the feeling of just wanting to LEAVE because the saying goodbye part is so hard! You just want to move and face the facts! So many amazing memories ahead of you. I can’t wait to see them! Enjoy your week I hope it goes quick!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  • Congrats on your upcoming move to London! I love seeing all of your travel posts and look forward to you sharing your Euro experiences. :) Best wishes! xo

  • 1st of all, that toe touch… dang chase i’m impressed.
    second, i’m so so happy we met up!! you are the sweetest ever & it was lovely meeting you! thank you again:)
    aaand lastly i’m so excited for the two of you for your new adventure! can’t wait to hear all about it! (even though i’m going to miss you being in SF!! for all the amazing recommendations & more chances of getting together at cutely named cafe’s) hahah xo

    • SO glad we met up at a cutely named cafe :) you are the cutest and i’m so in love with the things you gave me! you’re my favorite! xoxox

  • i LOVE SF!! I went there last December with the family I nanny and it was seriously the best trip. I loved seeing the painted ladies in person! and that picture is totally artsy and cool :) Did you ever see the Full house house?? It’s really close to the painted ladies and you can find the address on google haha literally the highlight of my life sitting on the stoop!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    • fun! yes haha of course we’ve seen the full house house! a classic :)
      the first time we went, we were blasting the full house theme song as we drove up – haha funniest but best way to see it!
      so glad you’ve been!


  • Ahh this makes me so sad! Such a bittersweet post! I will literally never forget this past year, it has been so fun. Can’t wait to see what your Europe adventures bring for you!

  • Aww I can’t believe you guys are leaving so soon and we barely got to see you :( I’m so excited for your new adventure though and can’t wait to read all about it and see all the pretty pics. Living abroad is a dream of ours too – one day!

  • I just stumbled across your blog when perusing some travel bloggers and I was immediately pulled in. We are in the final days of our time across the bay in Oakland, the city my husband grew up in, as we prep for an expat move to Dublin, Ireland. I’ve subscribed because I’m definitely interested in following your journey.

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