bicycles & baseball

bicycles & baseball

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.58.20 AMour final SF saturday was spent on yellow bicycles & ended at a baseball game.
yes we could have been packing, stressing, or planning, but instead we went out in
our city for one last bike ride (i won’t miss biking up those hills…) a picnic, & a date with
our san francisco giants. we ended this day exhausted, but wouldn’t have it any other way.
bicycles & baseball1i loved the pale yellow bike matching this yellow building..cute right? ^^
palace-of-fine-arts IMG_1001the bikes got their own little photo shoot at each location we biked to.
and, we crossed off a picnic at the palace of fine arts from our bay bucket list just in
time… there are still others left, but we’ll have to finish them when we visit in the future! :)
blue barn gourmet was our picnic pick up ^^^
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.59.09 AMwe biked a major loop through the city – from the mission, to the presidio, out by the bridge,
down to the marina and back all along the embarcadero just in time for the…
^^^ GIANTS game! ^^^bicycles & baseball4our cute friends the spanglers hooked us up with 3rd row seats… so fancy since we are used to
the nosebleeds! we loved being with them + it was the perfect way to spend a last saturday.
bicycles & baseball5giants-game4this big (little) kid tried to catch a ball every time they passed. perks of close seats!
giants-game5this guy got a new giants shirt, last game, and great seats. couldn’t have been happier :)

bicycles & baseball7after the game we walked through union square and over
to the FiDi to a cozy dinner at the barrel room.
bicycles & baseball6 followed by s’mores creme de pot, a definite HIGHLIGHT.

i have a few more SF posts coming this week, (they are goodies)
and then get ready to come to EUROPE with us!

we leave wednesday (2 days!!!!!), so wish us luck!


10 thoughts on “bicycles & baseball”

  • So cute and so fun! San Francisco will miss you guys but you’ve lived it up and we can’t wait to see what Europe brings.

  • Such a fitting farewell to your city! I definitely want to see a ball game there! Seems like a perfect park. Also, that s’mores thing? My day is basically over now that I’ve seen that!

  • Ok, I just started reading your blog and already I’m dying to go to San Fransico! How adorable is everything?!! Also dying to go ride a bike somewhere now.. But I always get scared I’m going to get hit, or run into something hha. Anyone else feel that way? haha. I can’t imagine how excited you guys are now to only have a few days left. I feel anxious just thinking about it for you! Best of luck this week!

    x Morgan

  • What a fun way to spend your last Saturday! Crazy that you’re leaving in 2 days – so exciting though :) can’t wait to hear what’s next!

  • I passed you last night at the wharf and kept kicking myself for not saying something (fan club awkward). Anyway, I will say it now…I hope you all have a wonderful experience in Europe and I look forward to following along through the blog!

  • Looks like such fun! I’ve always marveled at the people who can ride bikes in SF, so many hills. The yellow bikes are so sweet too :)
    Good luck on Wednesday

  • Wow I still can’t believe you guys are leaving SF! It will be so exciting to read about your new adventures though, I am looking forward to it! I have wrote this several times but reading your blog has always made me want to live in SF! Or at least just come for a visit. Anyway I think you are pretty incredible and I have always loved and admired your blog.

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