seafood in socal: the crab cooker

seafood in socal: the crab cooker

normally the search for great seafood equals fancy restaurants and pricey menus…
not at the crab cooker! this beloved and classic family-run joint has been around since 1951
and the loyal following has only grown through the years. my own family has come here consistently
every year, so it has become a staple that i have to have each time i’m in newport beach.

you’ll smile as you arrive to the bright red building, crab cooker signs, and smell of fresh fish.
as you walk in you’ll notice friendly faces, a bit of a line, (it’s worth it!) all the laffy taffy you can
eat, and postcards that the restaurant will send for you. continue on to be seated and you’ll meet
one of the darling longtime waitresses who will walk you through the menu. your choices are simple
but i mean it when i say you cannot go wrong here. you’re ordering high quality seafood prepared in
a consistent way. don’t be fooled by the paper plates and plasticware – the seafood is top notch.
the setting is casual & prices are reasonable, even more if you go at lunch for smaller portions.

crab cookerfrom the famous red clam chowder to the shrimp & scallop
skewers, the menu is full of fresh and flavorful fish.

crab cooker1IMG_5080IMG_5087the famed alaskan king crab legs will not disappoint. anything dipped
in butter likely won’t disappoint, but you can taste the freshness in this
signature dish and it’s worth splurging on. chase was smart to choose these!

crab cooker2the chalkboard quotes all over are guaranteed to make you smile. wisdom!
IMG_5111be sure to visit the crab cooker with friends! IMG_5082 IMG_5086my choice is always the fresh shrimp skewer with bacon between each
never forget the romano potatoes on the side — the best!
IMG_5092crab cooker4 IMG_5109fun to return here again and again with this guy!
from college spring breaks to now, the crab cooker stays the same.
IMG_5116after dinner we crossed the street to the new rita’s, (an east coast favorite now in socal!)
crab cooker3and of course make sure to walk along the boardwalk
to seaside donuts for a cronut & a sunset!

thank you to the crab cooker for welcoming WTW to one of our favorites!
all opinions are of course our own. see more OC favorites here!