mount davidson: san francisco’s highest point

mount davidson: san francisco’s highest point

of all the hills in san francisco, do you know the highest point?
now we do, because we’ve been on top of it –– we’re talking mount davidson.
it’s not a very common hike among locals, but most will recognize it as the hill near twin
peaks with the white cross on top. it’s covered in fog a lot of the time, but it creates a magical
environment with all of the trees & mist. it’s also pretty in the sun so it’s worth visiting in any weather!
mount-davidson 3we wound our way up some lush trails and as we came around the top corner,
the famous cross came into view. spoiler alert: the cross is so much taller in person
over 100 feet. it’s hidden behind the trees and fog on your way up, so you really
have to get to the top to see it. it’s shocking to suddenly see this giant landmark!
you’ll also see sweeping views of the city – an obvious perk of the highest point in SF.
mount-davidson 4it will never fail to amaze me how easy it is to escape the city and be in
the woods here in the bay area. i need these nature escapes once in a while.
IMG_8180check out twin peaks on the left, & downtown on the right (in the distance) ^^

mount-davidson 2every time i’m out hiking or exercising, i start to think about what to eat once
i’m nearing the end of the trail. it only makes sense that after seeing a new
sight in the city, we were on the way to try some new food. after hiking our hearts
out we made our way to kitchen story, a well-known restaurant in the city
under the same ownership of other brunch favorites such as sweet maple.
kitchen storythe key to brunch after a hike is choosing the right place to satisfy.
we picked well, because it is one filling spot…we’re talking millionaire’s
bacon, deep-fried french toast, & soufflé pancakes. we’re not messing around. 

IMG_5318bring people here to show how san francisco really wins at brunch.
kitchen story does it right… satisfying comfort food with a flair .

IMG_5319 IMG_5322 fitting to the name kitchen story, the shelves are filled with books and
your check will be served clipped to a book. i love clever touches like that!

kitchen story1 thanks SF for endless new adventures – both outdoor and culinary!

go check out mt. davidson and kitchen story soon, and tell us what you think!