25th birthday!

25th birthday!

i love birthdays — everyone’s birthdays! whoever thought it up to have days to celebrate
each person on this earth was so smart. they are days to look forward to, to
love, to measure time, to celebrate, and of course to eat cake.

i have a thing for numbers, and turning 25 in 2015 felt like a big one to celebrate!
on chase’s 25th birthday we were hiking the great wall of china, so i was
excited for my own 25th… chase planned it so well with a surprise trip to
laguna beach with surprise friends joining us, then i did a fun flower arranging
class/ party with cute SF friends when we got back, and then we still had the
actual day to celebrate! it was more of a birthday week, so we maybe overdid the
celebrating…but no such thing right? here are a few highlights from april 29th!
{and they made me reminisce about last year and the VIDEO he made me…tears}

IMG_5241-1160x773^^ we started things off with an ideal birthday breakfast in SF before work
bday11sweetest and most thoughtful gifts from friends. living away from
loved ones on birthdays makes it even more meaningful to get
reminders of what amazing friends they are. brynn HAND PAINTED
that globe with my favorite travel quote and i can’t quite get over it.

bday1^^ i opened presents from my sweet parents all the way in south africa.
they have always made my birthdays amazing growing up, and somehow
they still did despite being 10,000 miles away. my dad sent these frends
headphones & gorgeous watch which i’ll use every day and on all my travels!
bday6^^ i had to share the perfect apron my mom found for me…basically my motto!
she also sent a pretty skirt and my favorite of all – a longchamp backpack.
i can’t wait to wear that on every trip … we both love longchamp so it’s perfect :)
gifts are my love language- giving and receiving them, just because of the thought
that goes into it means so much to me. these were all so thoughtful & personal
and i love remembering these tokens of love. so thanks for letting me keep them here!
bday14 speaking of personal, ashley sent this drawing and we couldn’t believe our eyes.

how perfect is this idea? we’ll love and cherish it forever!!
bdayokay and last gift i HAVE to share from my aunt laurie…i just love it too much!

she is so creative and made this magnet strip with map magnets of my favorite 
places in the world…she knows me so well. salt lake city, san francisco, paris,
johannesburg, london, laguna, DC, and jackson…the places most special to me.
bday12 ^^ my husband has better taste than i do and all of his gifts prove that…
his main gift was a major trip for later this year, but more on that soon.

bday2i went to work and my cute team got treats from the best bakery in little italy
{those almond pine nut cookies are my favorite…as if i needed any more treats this day!}

bday3after work chase took me to dinner at the greatest hidden secret we have to share!
it’s called jeanne d’arc (french for me of course, good choice) and we’ve walked
by unknowingly countless times..because it’s in the basement of this little french
hotel! it’s french country cuisine and a cozy little unknown spot. see the sign
on the right saying “restaurant downstairs”…so unassuming but so fun.
bday8between the setting & the fresh warm bread i felt like i was back in france..
bday5it’s a prix fix menu, so we picked appetizer, entreé and dessert – yum!
bday10 IMG_5259
bday7the decor is so french, loved the fleur de lis everywhere! ^^
bday9 and strawberry tartlet + soufflé for dessert of course ^^

wait, one more shot of that soufflé…because, look at it! ^^

after all of the fun celebrations with friends, it was so
nice to just have dinner with my favorite guy ^^


even though it was late, i made chase go on a long walk through the city after
dinner because 1) we needed to walk off our big meal, and 2) i wanted to
savor the last part of this memorable birthday! as we sat and took in this city
view from russian hill, i counted up all of my blessings and felt so overwhelmed
at the first 25 years of this life…i hope the next 25 i can give back and improve myself
so much more. it’s humbling to have a birthday and even get to turn a year older…to even
be alive, and be surrounded by the love of people near and far. thankful for it all!


and if you want a smile, see the sweetest VIDEO ever that chase and all my favorite people put together last year.

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