true food kitchen: a must in newport beach

true food kitchen: a must in newport beach

although we clearly LOVE a good meal, we often leave restaurants
bursting full and not feeling our best. i’m not complaining,
it’s a great feeling to be full — but there is a noticeable difference
in the kind of food we eat and how it makes us feel after dining.
 newport beach officially has a new dining gem in true food kitchen.
(also found in LA, scottsdale, atlanta, dallas, denver, san diego, and a few more)
all of the things you imagine as fresh, healthy, cutting edge california cuisine
can be found in this health inspired restaurant which was started by a
doctor and continues to thrive as a favorite place to eat well and
leave feeling great. all the food here is fresh, local, and made
from scratch in the kitchen (there is not even a microwave!)
true food kitchen1the “natural refresher” drinks are my dream come true on a dinner menu.
from the kale-aid to strawberry rhubarb & lime soda, your meal will start
off with a zing when you order one of these healthy drinks!
true food kitchen3the restaurant’s environment is filled with all things healthy and fresh:
plants growing, chefs in sight, and chalkboards filled with all the best food.
everyone is so friendly, and despite having multiple locations it feels very
personal. this location has “wellness wednesday” events ranging from cooking
classes to yoga on the patio. the focus is on health, wellness, & community here.

true food kitchen2the intro on the menu says it well: “we want you to feel better, live longer,
and make your mouth happy in the process.” the food here is noticeably
well-made while tasting delicious. i loved seeing the kitchen in full view ^^

IMG_4995^^ the bison burger was all of our vote for the #1 must-order.
it’s much leaner than a regular burger, and the flavor was mouth-watering.

true food kitchen6carmelized onion tart can be ordered as a tasty starter //
we also tried the seasonal fish special: rockfish with a berry glaze.
IMG_4997even something as simple as a teriyaki brown rice bowl is taken to
the next level here with the fresh ingredients and house-made
teriyaki sauce. everything tastes pure and good for the body.

true food kitchen7since we were in laguna to celebrate my birthday as well as my
sweet friend brynn’s, the restaurant brought out the flourless chocolate
cake with candles. it’s made with cacao, almond butter & caramel.
i love this shot of our cute husbands documenting us blowing out the candles!

*be sure to try the strawberry rhubarb crisp for dessert as well*

the food at true food kitchen is organic, anti-inflammatory,
nutritious, unprocessed, unrefined, & sustainable. 
all good words
to describe what goes in your body! you’ll leave here feeling great.
we will be back and want to visit their other locations soon.
(bay area: we hear there might be a walnut creek location coming soon…!)