berkeley’s #1 restaurant

berkeley’s #1 restaurant

gather is aptly named when it comes to the food served and the people coming together to enjoy it.

located right across the bay bridge in berkeley, the food is the epitome of northern california.
the changing menu and dishes are inspired by local farmers and artisan food producers
in the area. despite being rated the #1 restaurant in town, gather feels beloved by the
community and locals alike. the co-owners began cooking on backpacking stoves 10 miles
into the wilderness in yosemite, until their incredible, fresh meals gained local notoriety. 



though the menu changes, you won’t be disappointed here.
even a simple dish like roasted chicken was taken next-level
with the way it’s cooked, the flavor, and the pairings.  


can you tell we liked their pizza — from what was left of it by the end? ^^


gather is a great place to gather in the east bay.

of course we can’t forget dessert, and while over here across the bridge we discovered
the cutest pie shop in the world. it’s a perfect compliment after dinner at gather! through below to read more about a dora pie..

a dora pie

i love a good specialty bakery more than anything . . . so when we stumbled upon a dora pie
walking through berkeley, i was in love with the minty walls, homemade pies, and rolling
pins on the walls. it is perfection in a pie shop, and a must-stop in the east bay.


we had this madagascar chocolate silk pie and we were fighting over each bite —
it tasted so homemade, with the flakiest, crispiest crust. pie done right!
i also chose a rhubarb pie which was the best rhubarb i’ve ever had.

a dora pie2

along with the sweet pies, they offer savory pies. chase was a fan of the chicken pot pie!


can i just move in here? ^^


between gather & this pie shop, we loved the signature norcal food we found in berkeley.