a new blog design!

a new blog design!

it’s friday eve!!
you might have noticed something new around here . . . our new blog design!
it’s been months and months of work and it feels so refreshing and clean.

we’re now officially on wordpress from blogger, and chase built the entire thing himself.
he is one talented guy, but he’s not for sale ;) this was too much work in itself!

3^^ the logo is by my talented darling friend abby at louise press. she’s the best!

• • • • • •

to take a little tour, you can go to the main page and see the different tabs along the top.
(hopefully it’s a bit more organized now!) see the travel page layered with city guides,
my travel tips, my passport, and our travel schedule {which needs some updating.}
our food tab includes all restaurant reviews, favorite recipes, and best of SF.

we also have some personal categories organizing other posts, and lastly
we have some info under meet:: about, contact, and partners we work with.


it’s not perfect –– a few links have changed from previous posts, we
lost some comments along the way..and there are a few formatting issues,
so all in all it still needs a little tweaking .. but we’re on it!
let us know what you think –>> feedback helps!

thank you to CHASE for putting so much time and effort into this
for me. what a guy. he is the behind the scenes of all of this which
is what makes this blog possible otherwise I’d be using a website building and hosting platform that you can find online over at sitebeginner.com or similar helpful resources to get you started in creating a website, it’s been even more fun for me to
work together with him on something. couldn’t do it without him!

cheers to a change!


14 thoughts on “a new blog design!”

    • thank you! i couldn’t believe how much work it took wish so many decisions … but worth it! :) thanks for your nice words!

  • The new site looks really nice. One suggestion for future posts is to reduce the number of photos in each post. Often times there are a lot of the same sights and it can get a little tedious and slow loading trying to look through the entire post. The pictures are great, but carefully selecting a lower number would have a greater impact.

    • haha — my husband will love reading your comment! he tells me this all of the time. for some reason i am a hoarder of photos and want all of them … but slowly getting better! this feedback helps and i think the new site will help me keep things simpler + cleaner! thanks!!


      • Keep posting lots of photos! PLEASE! They are my favorite part! My advice to you – if you don’t already, resize them! Or get the plugin which loads photos as people scroll on your page :) Love your blog- just discovered it last month or so. My husband and I just moved to the Bay Area about 6 months ago (wow- tomorrow in fact!) and love seeing all your posts about the city and your travels near and far. I have a travel blog as well, check it out if you want! Maybe we’ll run into each other in the city sometime!

  • Well done! It looks fantastic!

    I’m currently in the process of re-designing mine (I’m certainly no web designer!) and it’s taking me WAY longer than I hoped. Slowly getting there and I know I’ll be super proud when I’m finished!

  • I’ll tell you what I think…I think you are both amazing. This is such a wonderful update and it is helpful for me. I can find more things, faster and enjoy your blog even more. Way to go, Chase. Emi, you have a future in this, you know!:)

  • You guys are like a power couple! I really love the redesign, the new logo, everything is just so creative and inviting. Congratulations to the both of you for this amazing new step in this project :-)

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