reunited in johannesburg!!!!!

reunited in johannesburg!!!!!

“if it’s true, as shakespeare wrote, 
that “parting is such sweet sorrow,” 
then perhaps we could say that reuniting 
is the sweetest joy. while saying goodbye 
can be heart-wrenching at times, 
reconnecting with loved ones we haven’t 
seen in a while can be among life’s 
greatest moments.

for this reason, airports can be the 
happiest and the saddest of places – full of 
goodbyes and hellos that bring a tear to the 
eye and a lump to the throat. soldiers 
returning from active service are joyously
 embraced. loved ones away for a season are
 welcomed into open arms. and weary 
travelers are almost instantly rejuvenated 
by the sight of their family or friends. 
it matters not if they’ve been away for a 
few days or a few years… welcome-homes 
are moments to cherish.
in reality, we are continually saying goodbye
 and hello. and because life is short, we must
 make the most of each homecoming.” 
…couldn’t say anything better myself. i am one happy girl right now.

lots of pics and updates to come, but hi from SOUTH AFRICA!!!!
here are a FEW pictures from my phone before lots more to come.

^^ the two cutest faces i could ever see 
after 30 hours of flying. love them!!!
loved having johannesburg on my ticket!!!
dinner at amazing wombles our first night ^^
introduced to the AMAZING food here
{best steak} and their cola tonics! ^^
i came bearing gifts since SA has had a postal strike
and we couldn’t mail any christmas gifts…it was
like christmas night the first night with them!! ^^
i think he liked his gift! 
somehow, south africa feels like home
even though i’ve never been here. 


22 thoughts on “reunited in johannesburg!!!!!”

  • Awe, watching your video made me tear up. It reminded me of my reunion with my parents at this airport this Christmas. Enjoy your time with your family!

  • So very sweet. Love this so much. We experienced those types of goodbyes and reunions with my brother, who just finished his service in the Marines. It’s amazing how understanding and incredible people are in the airport when they know you’re with a serviceman or woman. One time, I forgot my license at home and normally they wouldn’t let me through security, but since we were sending my brother back to base, they made an exception and let me through without it! It meant the world to me.

  • Aww that is so fun to go spend time with your parents in South Africa! I hope you have a great time! Looking forward to all of the posts about your adventures there.

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