happy 2015!!

happy 2015!!
we ferried back across to SF from tiburon
on new year’s eve just in time to meet
friends at the top of union square for
dinner, and then to catch the most
brilliant fireworks show by the bridge.
it was a perfect way to usher in the new
year, in our city with favorite people.
here are a few pictures, and a few
resolutions for this bright new year.

  • meditate for 15 minutes per week ..working at google has taught me so much about mindfulness and the power of stopping and meditating – whether during the day or at night before bed {my favorite}. it is the best and i pledge to do it at least weekly!
  • don’t complain .. easy to say, and sounds simple enough – but harder to do. we have it so good, and complaining does no one any good. it’s fine to name things that are challenging, but i want to be purposeful about biting my tongue and not complaining about little things – it helps no one.
  • follow a morning routine & bedtime routine .. my job is flexible, which means i don’t HAVE to follow a strict routine. i love this, but i still want to create a little more consistency…AKA lighting a candle each night, (this makes me know it’s bedtime :), going to bed/ rising at similar times each weekday, etc. the meditation will help with this!
  • wash sheets weekly .. it’s amazing how happy clean sheets make me. like really amazing. i sleep better, feel better, and am more relaxed. it’s WORTH the effort of taking all the sheets off, hauling them to the laundromat, and putting them back on. it really is so worth it to me.
  • 10 minutes of french/day .. duolingo app makes it so easy. i have no excuse. 10 minutes per day is not a lot to ask and will help me brush back up!
  • practice single– tasking .. i’m the queen of multi-tasking…and a believer in it! i think i’m pretty good at it :) chase challenged me to at least practice single-tasking sometimes. so, challenge accepted.
  • keep priorities in check .. this resolution includes lots of little things, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. don’t get caught up in what anyone thinks, don’t put too much weight in things like instagram, don’t try to please anyone else.. just be ourselves, live our life, and be proud of it. life is too short to worry about some of those things :) 
  •  keep dreaming .. this year actually has some big, gaping unknowns. while i love having a plan, i also love that we have lots of possibilities in our grasp right now. instead of being scared by them, my resolution is to keep dreaming big and embracing these changes in 2015. don’t grow up // settle down quite yet. i can’t wait to see where this year takes us! 
trying to be clever with 2-0-1-5
while waiting for the countdown!
{tom’s 0 might be just a little camouflaged}

^^ really?
this city never fails me. . .
every occasion we spend here 
makes me love it more & more.

we loved ringing in this great new year with people we love.
my cute cousin trav & laurie flew in to SF just in time to 
celebrate new years with us before their weekend visit!!
^^ our view from new year’s dinner
and, the classic favorite at cheesecake:
chicken madeira, plus the lesser known
strawberry shortcake on biscuits.
 it’s safe to say our last meal of 2014 was a good one.

 ^^ and here’s the first pic taken of 2015!

i love this quote my mom sent on new years, and i want to 
remember it this year through changes + new experiences:

“be willing to raise anchor and sail out to sea, knowing 
that you will never return to the shores of yesterday. 
that’s the only way you will discover new lands.”

xo 2015!

see our 2014 recap video here and laugh at us :)