home for a december wedding

home for a december wedding
a few weeks ago right after we got home from india,
i hopped on another plane {that same night} and flew
to salt lake city for the cutest friend’s wedding.
it was a little crazy after 30 hours of traveling to come
home, unpack, repack and get on another plane, but
very worth it to have a quick visit home and see megan
tie the knot! i love any excuse to go home, see
favorite people, celebrate an event, & just be there.
it was quick, but here are a few highlights!
i’m glad i’ll be back very soon with chase to
celebrate the holidays, but this was a good dose!
^^ i got in lateee and very jet-lagged, and my cute
brother and sis-in-law had the best and coziest set
up waiting for me. they had guests in their basement
yet still let me stay over on their pull-out! coming
straight from india made me really appreciate this
cozy winter scene & i slept so well after all that flying.
couldn’t be a cuter hostess ^^
since chase and i had just been in india for thanksgiving a
few days before and my parents are in jo-burg, my darling
sister-in-law hosted a thanksgiving with my siblings the
sunday after. we did tri-tip instead of turkey since they
had all just had thanksgiving, and it was the most amazing
meal after lots of indian food :) it was so fun to be with them.
^^ missing brady in the above picture {taking the pic}
and chase…and of course my parents in SA!
there is nothing like sunday dinner at home.
nothing. it’s one of the things i miss most! ^^
and i got to make homemade pumpkin pies ^^
^^ we never get to come straight home from trips
with gifts for family since we live away, but this
time i could! i brought these little elephants home
for the little ones since they both love them!
we had the fun wedding dinner monday night ^^
then downtown the next day for the sealing! ^^
we love our meg!

the wedding the next day was beautiful, and actually not
too freezing! {thank you utah for going easy on me}
would you look at that darling december bride? ^^

^^ before the reception i fit in a lunch date
with these two little tinys…obsessed with them.
thank goodness for cafe rio! ^^

i also got to stop by and see my bff’s booth
at the christmas art show…so proud of her!

then mindy curled my hair ^^
{i am helpless so thank goodness}

and it was off to the pretty winter barn wedding which was in one of the nicest barn wedding venues Virginia I’ve ever seen! ^^

it was beyond beautiful with winter berry colors
and the most glowing bride. i missed having chase
there with me, but we love the putnams so much! ^^
such a fun celebration with lots of friends from
skyline since joey and meg both went to my high
school — it was the best. i love love love slc.
^^ sending them off with pretty ribbons!
said goodbye to family, (be back in a few weeks!) ^^
got my ruby snap fix and saw my cute aunts, ^^
^^ had one last breakfast and said
goodbye to these cute hosts ^^
and slept just a few hours before a 5 AM flight…
{thanks to chase’s amazing parents for waking
up at the crack of dawn to drive me to the airport!!}
i finally made it home in time to get back to work!
what a whirlwind, and the jet lag definitely hit me
after getting back to SF. i’m glad i made it through
these couple of days on adrenaline and had so much
fun at all the wedding events! see you again soon slc!
^^ i’m reluctant to count how many hours of plane rides i’ve
been on in the last few weeks…it felt so so good to get
home to SF, and we’ve been relaxing and getting ready
to hop on another flight this weekend to head back
to salt lake for the holidays! yay! see you again soon
salt lake, and thanks for excuse to come to town
twice in december! love you putnams!
ps– i sent this to mindy to show her how good she did
on my hair — it was still curled the next day at work!
{i promise i washed it later that night… haha}