holiday masquerade ball

holiday masquerade ball
nothing kicks off the holidays more than a 
good party.. especially a masquerade ball.
google put on quite the event and i joked 
that we channeled our inner nate & serena 
for this, or is that little j behind the mask? :)
{haha – for those of you who get this reference}
the san francisco design center is gorgeous and
it was the perfect setting for this ball.
loved this night with these friends ^^
our fancy non-alcoholic drinks :)
shirley temple + cranberry/orange/7up pleaseee!
^^ we spun the wheel of fortune and landed on
the double zero — apparently a rare occurrence!
men in masks ^^
^^ love susie & max!
{sorry for the picture of a picture}
^^ haha i LOVE this picture of chase’s face all lit
up while getting his fortune told — so amazed!
^^ more fortunes.. this one was a good one.

^^ we got our caricature drawn and it was
so so scary of me — but chase looked like a
movie star so what does that tell us?

and even after a dinner out before + lots of 
food at the party, we couldn’t resist a food truck
at midnight … casey’s pizza, you hit the spot! ^^