gioia pizza date night

gioia pizza date night
one of our 12 dates of christmas this year was
a roomie date night to try gioia pizza on polk street..
complete with a visit to the gingerbread house at
the fairmont hotel after! this was the best, most 
festive night out with joe & becca, and bonus:
we discovered a favorite new pizza spot.
there are, of course, lots of famous pizza places
in san francisco. gioia sets itself apart because
of the unique flavors and combinations they
put on their pizza. i love a classic authentic
margherita pizza, but gioia gives you something
different: well-made pizza with flavors you 
haven’t experienced before. it operates like a
farm-to-table restaurant, only it’s pizza! the menu
rotates constantly which is amazing because it’s
it’s always different, but you have to know it 
could change the next time you go :)  it’s worth 
it for the freshness and uniqueness though!
the setting, the wooden tables, the wreaths,
the menus printed on crinkly butcher paper,
the lighting, the water served in milk bottles…
this is my kind of place. i loved it the second
we walked in. it’s in the best location too!
the boys loved the famous meatballs…one item that
stays on the menu constantly – and for good reason!

pretty sure becca and i are still talking about
this life changing zucca ricotta pizza.
it was the best pizza flavor i’ve ever had.

 that burrata was so flavorful i couldn’t even talk
while eating it. just had to enjoy the creaminess
and flavor. good thing we were with our favorite
italian to remember to order this for the table! :)
 i can never resist a beet salad, and the kick of 
spice + citrus in this was a game-changer.
 could go for another one of these right now! ^^
 the mushroom pizza here^^ 
doesn’t this just scream freshness + authenticity?
that cheese, those mushrooms, the crust…all
of these are not your typical ingredients.
 we will be back to this spot, especially with 
these two pizza connoisseurs. it’s right on
polk street and couldn’t be higher recommended.
 after filling up on the greatest meal, we walked up
lots of hills {past the cutest decorated apartment
buildings} and had a festive little outing to the
fairmont hotel by our apartment on nob hill,
because i had heard about the amazing displays.
 i’m a little in love with this hotel…i walk by
it every morning and it’s my favorite in the city.
 ^^ so festive & cheery!
 and, the famed, giant {real} gingerbread
house in the lobby. what could be better?! ^^
 you can walk all through it, see the train go around,
see elves pop up, write letters to santa, and mostly 
smell the best gingerbread scent all through it.
 tempted to take a bite……
 we sat in the lobby for a little bit
just taking in the best scene… ^^
i really can never enough of this city,
but especially at christmas time. ^^
cheers to pizza, the holidays, good friends, 
and life size gingerbread houses!
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