christmas clothespins tradition

christmas clothespins tradition
my favorite christmas tradition chase and i have
started thanks to his mom is these clothespin
christmas ornaments. his mom has done these 
with her sisters every year, always making a 
little handmade clothespin representing 
something from that year to hang on the
tree at christmas. when i was engaged to chase
and heard about this i loved it right away, and
knew we had to start our own! it’s so fun because
you can look at their tree at all of the different
darling clothespin people and there is a story
attached to every single one. it is a tree full of
handmade memories and their entire family
cherishes these. i want the same thing! so, from
the first year we got married we have made them
and this year i wanted to document them here too.
the first year we went cliché with the bride and groom,
since that was a pretty major happening of 2012 :)
^^ bride and groom in process our first year :)
for 2013 we made a teacher since we were both in TFA:
and this year we had to make a googler since we are both
working at google right now! we write the year on the
bottom foot, and over time we will have such a fun
collection of these meaningful little creations. 
^^ confession: chase is the crafty one, not me!
his mom is the real talent and she collects all
these tiny items to make her clothespins each year!
^^ here’s an example of just ONE of my mother-in-law’s
that she made for the year we went to paris. she always
makes the best ones and keeps them a secret each year
until christmas when everyone finds it on the tree!
i love this tradition {thank you shel!}
and can’t wait to see what other little
characters our tree is filled with over the years.