UTES game!!

UTES game!!
i am a happy girl this monday morning
after a football + friends + family-filled
weekend with our utes in town to play
stanford! my brother & sis-in-law came
to visit for the game, and so did lots of
other friends from salt lake. it was a 
party in the bay! i am smiling a mile
wide after seeing so many favorite 
people, going to my first utah game 
of this season, and our utes WINNING
in double overtime!!!! nothing makes
a monday morning easier than a great
win over the weekend :) if you can’t
tell, i am a big ute fan and grew up
going to every single game. one of the
hardest parts of living away is missing
those home games at rice-eccles, but in
the 3 years we’ve lived away we’ve made
it to at least one or two games each season.
we picked a good one this year, and love
that they came to us! here are some 
pictures from the best day/night! our
voices are gone but we are happy utes!
^^ getting ready for game day at stanford, complete 
with the classic ute face tattoo i used to wear to 
every game. it’s good luck, i tell you!
before the game we met at google to take some of 
our favorite U of U administrators on a tour. it was
so fun seeing so many familiar faces & loyal utes! ^^
^^ the utah bay area alumni tailgate did not disappoint
^^ we got to stanford and immediately saw this “go utes”
 banner being flown around campus in the sky — 
no idea who was behind it, but it was the best to
see our team being repped in the place we live!
^^ with our mascot swoop at the tailgate! 
i used to love finding him at U basketball / footbal
games when i was little, and i still do now!
^^ after a fun tailgate we picked up our tickets,
^^ and walked the stadium tunnel into the game!
perfect day for some college football ^^
^^ great seats and great company! 
^^ just a happy girl reunited with my utes. 
it was a crazy game with lots of back-and-forth,
but like usual the utes kept it exciting and we went
into overtime…and then double overtime. STRESS!
^^ and this is how we look after a 
with the game-winning touchdown
scored right in front of us. in that 
moment i was so happy i didn’t even
know what to do! best thing ever!!!!!!
^^ faces of victory :)
our seats were so fun because once the game was over
all the players came over and we hugged/high fived/
talked to every single one! you can see chase and i
in this pic about to say hi to our amazing punter
and coach whitt in the background. love our utes. ^^
^^ all of us with kaelin clay who had a pretty great
redeeming night, scoring the first TD of overtime!
{seriously look at our giant smiles here — we were all like little kids after that win!}
^^ booker is the MAN
^^ chase’s face in the pic on the left says it all.
he even got our quarterback’s blood on his shirt
and was stoked because he loves travis wilson! haha

honestly i have so many pictures on my phone of us
with the players, so i’ll spare you of lots more but it
was so-o-o fun to hang after the game and chat with our
players! living away makes us love seeing them even more! 
okay i think we were the last ones to leave the stadium…

celebrating / falling over ^^

^^loved chatting with k.scott, who scored the game-winning
touchdown. and we love chase’s good friend jr. salt.
^^ hanging with our QB travis before they loaded the buses!

we missed the rest of our ute crew, but we facetimed taggie
in his ute jersey so he could see all the players after :)
^^ ALSO, best pic of the night – chase wholeheartedly
 hugging our quarterback. HAHA biggest fan!

after a full football day we celebrated back in SF 
at nick’s crispy tacos – YUM. what. a. day!
sorry for allllll those pictures, but when you’re a fan, you’re a fan 
and there is nothing better than a day like this. i love my utes SO 
much and feel lucky to have a team we are such true fans of.
 after growing up on them {thanks, mom & dad}. and then going 
to school there, we are die-hard utes…just ask our friends out here
in the bay – they can tell you how much we talk about the U! :)
we miss it so much living away, so it was the best time
seeing everyone, being at the game, and pulling out a win!
i am a utah girl sir and i will be ’til i die! ki yi!