thanksgiving in a box

thanksgiving in a box

this thanksgiving is going to be good for me.
i am a girl who is all about tradition. i’ve
never not had turkey on thanksgiving day…
even if my family was traveling, we’ve
done the whole shebang. i’m also a family
girl. {hello, as if this isn’t obvious} and i’ve
always been with my family on thanksgiving.

this year with my parents living away in
johannesburg and us living away from
family, we thought it would be a good
year to do something different. shake it up
a little bit…or a lot. so, we’ll be in india
having a very different but probably very
memorable thanksgiving this year. we’re
actually probably already there as you
read this! {the miracle of scheduled posts}

so while i am very excited and thankful to
have the opportunity to see this amazing
new country, i know it will feel a little
different this year. but that’s good! that
means we are living and experiencing new
things and it will make me appreciate
those classic thanksgivings past & future
so much more. this year thanksgiving 
couldn’t quite escape us, and i did
find a way to have it early through one
of our favorite local companies delivering.
luke’s local has been a favorite since
living in the bay, and luke saved our
thanksgiving this year by sending us a
sampler of their thanksgiving boxes that
are on sale this year. i love to cook as
much as anyone, but i know that there may
be some others who are in different 
situations and looking for a local company
that still feels like homemade thanksgiving
dinner. this is your ticket! taking a look at
the menu here will make you so excited for
thanksgiving. they really do it right! and
here are a few photos from our little
thanksgiving 2014 that came in a box :)

^^ a pretty darling delivery, if i do say so myself.
*remember, this was a sampler box for 2 – the actual
thanksgiving delivery would be much larger :)
i loved this gorgeous fall arrangement made up of  
french marigolds, sunflowers, milkweed, etc. this
splash of fall color would be so perfect for a 
thanksgiving table, am i right??? ^^
^^ why don’t we eat like this all year round? 
that is my question.
one of our best thanksgivings because it equaled
zero dishes :) it might not have looked as festive, but 
i definitely got my thanksgiving fill from this tender
turkey, tangy cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes,
 and the yummiest roasted brussels sprouts- a great addition.
obviously if you have it delivered on the real day you
would put it on plates and make it all fancy, but this is 
our year to get away with not doing that. and it still tasted
just as good :) we also tried the yummy rolls, one of the best
 parts always! there are a lot more amazing menu items
on the website — i’m eyeing those candied sweet potatoes!

and let’s never forget pie. a homemade pumpkin pie 
tastes so much better, and this is how luke’s tasted. 
also-the apple pie has an strudel topping that is
out-of-this-world. i could never decide 
between these two, so just trust me! get both :)

whether you’re cooking this thanksgiving, being cooked for, 
ordering, going out, or being completely random and going to
india…i hope your holiday is filled with good food and family
 and favorite people and some tradition…or something new.

i’m grateful for things that change and things that stay the
same all at once. i’m grateful for tradition and comfort,
but also for newness and getting out of comfort zones.
i’m grateful for a spouse who loves both and is by my
side every step of every day. i’m grateful for friends
and family who love and support us. i’m grateful
for having a home to miss, and for having new places
and experiences to fall in love with. i’m grateful for
this year for pushing and stretching me and being
one to remember. i’m grateful for the future and for
always being able to look forward. i’m grateful for the
little life we’ve built on our own. i’m grateful for
all the little tiny things that make up this wonderful
world. i’m grateful for good food, holidays, & reasons
to stop and remember how good we have it – even
just to be alive. here’s to some curry turkey this
thanksgiving for us! :) thanks luke’s for giving
us a taste of real thanksgiving before we left.*you can order a thanksgiving box from luke’s up until
midnight on monday night– so go look at the menu here!
and see their cute thanksgiving video here!