slowing down in SLO

slowing down in SLO
we’re bringing you some central california coast
goodness after a weekend slowing down and
enjoying a gorgeous autumn weekend with our
friends. we visited san luis obispo, which is
coined “america’s happiest city.” our friends
went to college here, so they showed us all
around all the best spots. we truly slowed
down in SLO, where the pace of life is
easy and peaceful. i needed this dose of
sunshine, a road trip, good friends, and a
slow-down! it’s good for the soul. i’ll be
sharing some favorites this week, but here’s
a taste of our slow weekend in SLO. (okay,
promise that’s the last time i use that pun :)
^^ just three hours south of the bay, this town is perfectly set
between san francisco & los angeles…a great location for a
weekend getaway from either city – or on a trip down the 1!
ps: look closely, can you see us in the above photo???
one of our first items of business was hiking bishop’s peak
to get a good view of the town. of course chase flew the
copter camera up there, so in the top left and bottom 
right you can see us on top of the summit! do you spy 
us on the tippy top in that bottom right photo? ^^
^^ we love hiking with these two. luckily this one 
wasn’t quite as tough as our last hike together.
^^ it was so hot up there, it felt like summer in november!
hello down there! love this shot of us at the top! ^^
^^ after the hike we refueled with SLO’s famous firestone
grill. we had heard so much from dusty & kendall about
the tri-tip sandwich and it lived up to all expectations.
this place is a popular, inexpensive, delicious
place to eat in SLO. i need this sandwich again!
walking through bubblegum alley, like the one in seattle

the town is beyond charming with so many people out
strolling, perfect weather, and pretty flowers.
^^ love these two former SLO residents. it’s so nice to
visit a place with people who know it well, because you
get the local & personal feel for it like we did here.

after lots of strolling around, our next meal was at the 
classic splash cafe which we had tried before in 
pismo beach, but the original location is in SLO
and we visited the newest one downtown.
this place is a famous, central coast must!
what can i say — we were hungry after 
our hike + walking all around! this food
hit the spot. salmon tacos —> so fresh.

famous for their clam chowder in a grilled butter bread 
bowl. it’s so creamy and that bread bowl…mmmm! ^^
you can see them grilling the bread bowls here ^^
such a brilliant idea that i need to remember!
these are a must if you like clam chowder.
 we love this crew and loved this weekend.
more fun from it to come!