seafood in san luis obispo

seafood in san luis obispo
when you’re in a little coastal town, good seafood is a must.
in charming san luis obispo, ciopinot is the answer.
among a lot of classic small-town restaurants,
ciopinot stands out as incredible nice, modern
dining with a personal feel. the owner leonard
is well-known in the area because of his other
restaurant and a new one on the way. 

^^ he’s everything a restaurateur should be. he loves
the food part, and he loves the people part. his
wife designs the restaurant spaces, and he comes
up with new flavors and dishes for his restaurants
while also maintaining the way the restaurant runs
and greeting almost every person who walks in the
door. we were fast friends with him. his restaurant 
is an amazing place to eat in SLO with a central
california coast flavor and vibe. what a great night!

^^ bacon wrapped shrimp. truly life changing.

 ^^ every single ingredient in these salads is from the local
farmers market down the street…which leonard founded.
^^ had to try the classic ciopinot dish at ciopinot,
as well as the juicy scallops that were so tender.
this steak was actually my favorite part of the meal.
it was cooked to perfection with flavor bursting out
of it. i highly recommend ordering this dish here! ^^

we ended with a homemade butterfinger pie…

creamiest crème brûlée…
and blueberry cobbler that knocked our socks off ^^
stop here when in the charming town of san luis obispo!