oh, canada —-> + our VIDEO!

oh, canada —-> + our VIDEO!
you swept us off our feet.
we were truly amazed at how
much we loved you, and now i’m
ready to plan more trips to your
gorgeous country…thinking next up
is vancouver, calgary, and banff. but 
before i get ahead of myself, here is the
last post of random snapshots from this
trip…and our video! we loved that it was
autumn there and we got our fill of orange
leaves and crisp air. we loved the different
culture. we loved their love of hockey and all
things maple. we loved the beautiful sights
and cities and the cute accents and the “ayes.” 
we clearly adored you, lovely canada!!!!!!!
**before all these pictures, you can click through to the 
video chase made here. or, watch at the end of the post!

^^ my way of hiding tired eyes after a long day 
of flying :) but loved arriving in canada!

i always love a good passport + ticket picture
^^ the autumn-hued canadian countryside that i 
stared at during our coach rides between toronto,
niagara, montreal, and quebec city. i think there’s 
something so soothing about being in a new place
riding on a train or bus, leaning your head against
the window watching the world pass by.
^^ rainy fall leaves stuck to the 
ground. it looked like art!
^^ too many charming towns and buildings
^^ we got to stop at montmorency falls near quebec
city…another pretty waterfall after seeing niagara! ^^
we were so happy with gray line and loved partnering with
 them on this trip. more details on our routes to come!
us californians got just a little bit chilly a few of the days..
we used to be so tough from our utah winters, but we’re
babies in the cold now! the fall colors made it worth it.
 ^^ stopped into google canada & loved this maple leaf o! 
repping our canadian spirit ^^
we have an obsession with seeing google offices
around the world — they each fit their city so well. 
maple treats everywhere you look = lots of maple-y gifts
brought home for loved ones…and for our treat stash!
i think my favorite was the maple ice cream we had.
^^ just a little peek at all of our camera equipment — 
chase is holding our canon camera, gopro, iphone, 
and his giant case for the dji quad copter. sheesh!
^^ favorite travel partner ever
loved this crazy plant i saw everywhere ^^
finally felt like fall / october here! ^^
 each trip keeps on getting better with this guy!
and, back to the US! we’re glad our canadian neighbors
are not too far away — although it feels like a different
world there! thanks for the amazing time, canada!!
last but not least, here’s our video!! chase is amazing 
for filming the most incredible footage with our
new copter camera, and editing this for us. 

for those curious, we filmed with a combination 
of footage from our DJI phantom 2 vision +
GoPro Hero, iPhone, and Canon T4i.