montreal in the fall

montreal in the fall
dear montreal, 
you were a dream.
i felt like i was transported straight to france when we
arrived. i love that everything is in french, everything
is charming, and that old montreal is straight out of a 
storybook. i love the cobblestone streets, horse-drawn
carriages, the old world charm, the sophistication, the
endless parks & cafes, the fall leaves, and the fact that you
even rained for us…my favorite. safe to say we loved you!
i’d move onto this street…just saying ^^
^^ boxes of apples + french pillows
these old gorgeous buildings looked like europe,
and with the fall colors i was swooning x 100.
loved this pretty horse with a feather in his cap ^^
a crepe lunch in a little creperie overlooking the old 
cobblestone streets…AKA a very happy girl. ^^

crunch, crunch!

again, did not feel like we were in north america.
i love the european architecture here!

metro rides that felt like the paris metropolitain!
i was very tempted to take an $80 ride around old montreal
but realized it was just a tad steep. pictures will do!

the square in front of the notre-dame basilica was
bustling and a fun place to people watch (and horse-
carriage watch). chase got some amazing footage here!

and how about noël éternel, the all-year christmas store. ^^
^^ or how about THIS restaurant? 
on the bucket list to eat here!
hi, perfect fall street!
j’aime l’automne.

although my favorite part of the city was the old french
quarter vieux montreal, this city also has different parts –
from a more modern downtown, to a chinatown, to a funky
latin quarter a lot like the one in paris. we walked all the
way through it on our way to la fontaine park.

fun fact: as soon as we got to this park after walking
for 45 minutes to get there, the rain began. literally
the second we crossed the street and stepped foot in
the park. ha ha! it was like a movie scene where we felt
one drop, then it became a downpour in 2 seconds. it
was amazing and we had to run across the street to an 
apartment building’s steps and sit together under the
awning hiding from the rain for a good half hour debating
what to do. it was a torrential downpour, we had no 
umbrella, and we were far from our hotel. the closest
metro was a 15 –minute walk, and we saw zero cabs + 
couldn’t use our cell phones in canada. so we sat on the 
steps, chatted, and ate sour watermelon candy that i 
had in my bag. we finally spotted a bus coming down 
the busy street through the pouring rain, and chase 
said now or never! so we held hands and sprinted 
down the street and caught it. we only had american 
cash, and the driver said …CANADIAN ONLY…
as we stood there in the pouring rain!! luckily the nicest
canadian swapped our american cash for some canadian $
and we packed onto the bus and made it back to our hotel 
+ warm fire :) this was one of my favorite memories and
made me have a soft spot for montreal even more since
i got caught in the rain with my husband here :)

we loved you, montreal.