falling in love with quebec city

falling in love with quebec city
. .quebec city. .
where do i begin?

this enchanting little city is filled to the brim with 
french culture, winding cobblestone streets, darling 
chalets, and cozy cafés. it absolutely stole our hearts. it’
the crown jewel of french canada, and a slice of europe 
in north america. it has the first cathedral built in north
america, it hosts carnivals that draw thousands, it has
character, charm, and it’s impossible not to love it. 
there is no other place like it in north america.

i dare anyone to visit this town and not enjoy it.
a very high percentage of tourists who visit quebec
city later come back to it again, and i believe it 
because i’m already making plans for when we 
can visit next :) can you tell we adored it?

let’s start by explaining that quebec city is perched
on top of a cliff looking over the st. lawrence river.
it is the only walled city in the US/canada, and it
really & truly feels authentically european, but with
the french candian influence. everyone walking around
(including us) is in awe and wondering how they
have never heard of/ made it here before.

i took one look at this street and about dropped to 
the ground with happiness. this is my heaven! ^^^
also my heaven: eating croque monsieurs + warm 
french onion soup in an old stone tavern watching the 
rain with this guy. take me back to this lunch!!!
french foooood! why is it so good?
biggest smile all day ^^^
^^ the fall trees + gorgeous buildings +
historic cathedral were too much.
i love this picture because i loved the château and liked
this cannon — and this catches me taking it all in.
however, chase ruined it for me when he said..
 “it looks like your head is about to be blown by the
cannon!” haha…now i can only think that. thanks! :)
^^ i would not complain if this was my front door.
^^ after a rainy morning {which i loved}, the sun came
out which was also so gorgeous. i can’t even imagine 
how pretty quebec city is during all times of the year.
we walked along this rain-soaked boardwalk as it 
dried out from the sun and admired the gorgeous château
frontenac. chase also filmed here, video coming friday!
and chase had a little too much fun here—
^^ and another year-round christmas store.. YAY
we explored all through the inside of château frontenac
it’s a hotel! staying here one day is on our list!
^^ this cobblestone alley full of art reminded me
of montmarte in paris. we strolled and perused so
many pretty paintings of quebec city. i always love
taking a little painting home of a place i love.
one day i need a big wall with all these little collections.
inside of the stunning cathedral-basilica of notre-dame 
de québec. it was the first cathedral in north america!
^^ snack break with our FAVORITE french canadian candy. 
^^ could this BE any more charming?
imagine it in the rain.
can’t stop with the pictures, too many dreamy scenes!
these little hand-knit socks, so cute & so french ^^
^^ part of our rainy tour with the greatest local guide
who we loved — and me in front of the famous wall.

we {obviously} loved quebec city. 
you will not be disappointed should you visit.

à bientôt!