cayucos, california

cayucos, california
we ended our central coast getaway in the tiny mellow
beach town of cayucos. it was named one of 
america’s coolest towns” because of the 
casual vibe with some hidden gems.
fun fact about this town — there is not even
one stoplight! you can drive right through it 
without even noticing, except that you’d miss
the gorgeous beach with great waves, the old
western “downtown” buildings, some great food,
and the most luxurious seaside hotel. don’t miss it!
our introduction to this town was the pier view suites,
a luxury boutique hotel right at the beach. i promise you
would never know it was here — you could drive right by
it without noticing in this tiny town, and that’s what makes
it so great. i’m uncovering this secret and telling you to go
stay here for the most relaxing time in the smallest town.
 welcomed with robes and treats ^^
^^ rooms that felt so comfortable + nice
^^ loveliest space that would be fun to stay with a family!
our room was 2 levels and had so much room.
^^ we were so glad we checked in early enough to see
the glowy, foggy sunset. it was such pretty light and we
got to enjoy it on our balcony in the best deck furniture!
{i want one of those someday!}
these two have too much fun together ^^
^^ i spy dusty relaxing on the deck, and chase in the doorway
flying his copter — love that this view shows the place!
during our stay in cayucos we had breakfast at top dog cafe,
right below our hotel. acai bowl + breakfast burrito = win.
 we also went exploring through cayucos, which doesn’t 
take long :) — but it’s fun. we had to do swings on the beach…
^^ and walked along the pier…is it gloomy, 
or is it pretty in that fog?
^^ pardon our tired smiles…all we did was sleep,
which made us more sleepy/relaxed! 
 ^^ we had to see the little western “downtown” 

and then — most importantly, we had to stop in at
the brown butter cookie company. i had heard of this
place and talked to the owners, and i was obsessed!
i loved the name and was dying to try their famed
 brown butter sea salt cookie. we were in for a treat!
^^ welcome to cookie heaven. seriously.
i fell in love with not only the classic brown butter sea salt
cookie, but ALL the flavors and variations. traci & christa
are the cutest sisters who own this place. they ship ALL over
the place and have visitors near and far. the shop is amazing,
and we even got a little tour of the baking space! it’s quite
the operation…perfectly browning the butter, preparing all
the batches, it’s cookie heaven! i wish i could have brought
the smell of the bakery home with me. YUM times ten!
we loved chatting with traci and left with lots of 
gifts & treats to take back up to SF!
whether online or in-store, these are a must-try.
this town allowed us to slow down, relax, watch the sunset,
hear the ocean, walk, sleep, swing, & eat cookies. 
it’s hard not to enjoy a town like cayucos!

 thank you to pier view suites for welcoming WTW.
all opinions remain our own, always!