we’re starting a non-profit!

we’re starting a non-profit!
“you are good. but it is not enough
just to be good. you must be
good for something. you must
contribute good to the world. the
world must be a better place
for your presence. and the
good that is in you must
be spread to others.”
-gordon b. hinckley

this summer when i had a break between jobs
and chase turned 26, we both had a mini quarter
life crisis…but not the normal kind. we were
happy with where we were in life, but we both
had the nagging feeling something was missing.
we were feeling like we had accomplished a lot of
our goals and started to build the life we want, but
with the opportunities & experiences we’ve had, we
felt like we weren’t giving enough back. very clich√©,
and if you think this is cheesy you don’t have to
keep reading :) but it is very genuine for us! one
sunday we went on a walk and talked about how
so far in our lives we had been able to focus on
ourselves — our education, jobs, experiences, etc.
setting up a life for ourselves and being responsible.
chase talked about how the one thing he’s learned
in his first 25 years is that he wants to spend the next
25 years focusing on others. we obviously want
to have fun and keep living the life we love, but find
ways to make things more meaningful and not all
about us. we tossed ideas back and forth…i said that
along with working with hotels/ restaurants/ tourism
companies when we travel, we should also work with
great non-profits and organizations that are helping
the communities we travel in. we built on this idea,
and by the end of the walk we were dreaming BIG.
(lots of late nights have gone into working on this, and
turns out those big dreams are becoming a reality!
we’re actually starting a non-profit spin off of the
blog called wellcared.org where we can highlight the
efforts going on around the world in areas we visit.
basically, it’s a non-profit to help other organizations
raise awareness by donating time & talent to help them
with marketing, websites, social media, etc. it’s been
months of preparation and work with lots more to do,
but as of now we’re actually an official 501c3
organization. filed, signed, sealed, delivered! we’ve
invested our money in this with the hope that it helps
us focus outward on the great people and orgs that
make this world we love even more beautiful. plus, all
of the money this blog makes will go straight to wellcared.
we chose WellCared because we want these non-profits
that care for the world to be well taken care of as well.
now that it’s formed, we’re recruiting different
professionals and people to donate their time to
non-profits that we’ve partnered with. just like we
love to share an amazing travel experience or meal,
we are excited to share organizations that are changing
the world, making a difference, and contributing to
their communities. this way we can touch many
different organizations and have exposure to a lot of
diverse causes rather than just one. we hope this can
be an avenue to bettering the world through partnering
with other non-profits and helping them better achieve
their missions. we’re excited to set up service trips in
the future, feature great ventures and causes,
organize fundraising events, and work
on this as a team. i love being in a partnership with
my favorite person! he’s a good co-founder :)
the excerpt below from thrive, one of my favorite books
of the year, said it perfectly and woke me up to this
desire. we pride ourselves on being go-getters
which is good, but being go-givers is better.
we hope that if you know of any great non-profit
organizations who could use help with their marketing/
websites/ outreach, you’ll send them our way!
we’re just getting started but excited to build this together.

“though we travel the world over to
find the beautiful, we must carry it
with us or we find it not.”
ralph waldo emerson

^^ here’s hoping this will help us carry more beauty with us
on our travels and leave places better than we find them!


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