fleet week returns!

fleet week returns!
is one of our very favorite events
in san francisco. it comes once per
we were AMAZED by it. it was canceled
last year after the government budget 
shutdown, so everyone was extra excited
for it to return this year. there is a literal
“buzz” in the air all week as the planes do
practice runs through the sky right past 
downtown and over the water. then, the
big shows are saturday & sunday. you really
should do your best to visit san francisco
during this october week one year — it’s our
best weather of the year, and a bucket list event!
just those jet-streaked skies alone
are amazing. it looks like someone has
taken a fluffy white paintbrush to the sky!
everywhere you go, everyone is looking 
to the sky. lots of sore necks today i’m sure! :)
we even went out on the water on a
blue&gold fleet cruise during the finale
of the blue angels and before they flew
the huge 747 commercial jet on the water.
kinda scary but AMAZING to be out there 
under the planes right in the action!
^^ this was a tad crazy to see the 747 fly SO LOW…
but so cool. it looked like it was heading straight for us
on the boat before turning and flying over alcatraz!
^^ hah, this picture sums up the windiness + nervousness of 
watching the planes do their tricks RIGHT above us!
SO. MANY. PEOPLE on the wharf!!!!
this was his look of amazement the entire day, ha
this guy loves the blue angels so we had to 
stop by this.. + we had to stop by the huge 
ships they bring in for the week! 
it is my favorite to see all the sailboats in the bay
during fleet week. it’s like a procession and they
all slowly fill in! we now know why –the best
place to watch the show is from the water!
^^ as we got out by the bridge it was all foggy, partly
because that bridge LOVES fog and partly because
of all the planes that had been circling the sky.
and, that view. it will never be beat!
…except by chase’s favorite place: alcatraz :)
it was fun to circle back by these sights 
after the show had ended. perfect weather.

 we love you, fleet week!
if we ever move away from SF we will
always return for this week to visit :)
*see our first fleet week experience here.