alcatraz NIGHT tour!

alcatraz NIGHT tour!
instead of going to a haunted house this october, 
we took a boat to alcatraz…at NIGHT. ahhhh!
i’m willing to bet this was scarier than any haunted
house. we’ve both been to this prison island a few times,
but going at night has been on our bay area bucket list
forever. we figured, what better time than a spooky
october night? especially when there was a scavenger
hunt involved. we loved going with city experts to this!
and it begins… no turning back 
once you step on that boat!
i was already spooked on the dusky boat ride over ^^
the event was so well done by city experts,
we were lucky to be invited!
cheery faces on the boat before
the scares and spooks began.
then we arrived on the island — 
you tell me how creeped out you
are seeing this prison in the dark!
^^ i tried to distract myself from the fright
with a hot chocolate while we chose teams…
this guy LOVES alcatraz. i’d call it a borderline
obsession with the amount of books he’s read on it.
you can see here how happy he was to be here, and
happy to tell anyone around all the cool stories he knows :)
^^ this quote sums it up — the worst of 
the worst criminals were sent to alcatraz!
audio tours with a scary portion at the end —
as if it isn’t already scary enough!!!
i could barely be talked into stepping
into the cells in the dark hallways 
at night…scary music playing…….
terrifying…………you get the picture!
let’s just say there were a few completely
dark ones with some scary things inside :)

phew – made it through!

this view of our city lit up orange
for the giants world series / october 
made the night even more festive.

and … our spooky outing turned magical 
with this sparkly view on the way back.
truly, you must go to alcatraz at night —
not just for alcatraz, but to have the view at
night coming back to the city. i almost cried,
it was so beautiful! this city has my heart.

this fun, crazy night ended on a good
note with loving this city even more.
i think it was one of my favorite experiences
since living here to look back at SF at night
as we cruised back through the bay. i could NOT
get over it. how do we live here? so much love for this place. 
here’s to october and halloween and getting spooked!