provincetown : cape cod

provincetown : cape cod
after a fun day in boston, our first stop in cape cod was
p r o v i n c e t o w n.

this tiny town stole our hearts from the second we stepped 
off the ferry. the very far tip of cape cod was a fun first
taste of the area. this town is historic, {first landing point
of the pilgrims before plymouth} it’s charming, and it’s
definitely unique. we stayed in a bed & breakfast right
on the water and it was my favorite place. before we
share our darling hotel, here is a taste of the town.

my favorite home! that rooftop deck…
exploring the pier ^^
 and, this happened. this boy can’t resist a gainer.
he informed me he needs to do at least one per year
to “keep him young”…not so sure about that! :)
we took a little jump off the dock together 
too…made us feel like little kids! 
those cape cod beaches..i’m a little bit in love!
the bright, clean beach with the green bluff
and all the dunes…it’s classic. also, the sand 
texture is so much different than the west coast! 
^^ looking back at the cute town from the pier
^^ lobster rolls, take 2

^^ the famous cranberry-flavored everything!
who knew cranberries grew in new england?
i already love them so i was obsessed with all
of the hints of cranberry everywhere…we may
have brought home a few cranberry inspired gifts :) 

 some of the yummy restaurants in town …

ice cream every single day =
necessary on a vacation! 

again, so much history ^^

 see, more ice cream!
{salted caramel to be exact}

cape cod is a place i’ll always be happy to enter!
//thanks to my husband for spotting this cute
swimsuit in a store window in provincetown &
surprising me with it our first day of the trip!

and ps, here was our ferry to the cape..

and a great sunset on the water…
more from the cape to come!


16 thoughts on “provincetown : cape cod”

    • ahh, yes you’ll love it! it’s definitely different and has it’s own vibe :) but really charming and fun. i want to hear your favorite of the other towns on the cape!! xoxoxoxo

    • it really is the best! i feel like a lot of people out here on the west coast don’t know as much about it or haven’t explored the cape, etc…i was missing out!

  • I love this post! I actually was born in Massachusettes and lived there for 12 years. I LOVE the cape. I ran a Ragnar Relay (hence my blog hehe) from Plymoth MA all the way down to P-town! on foot with a bunch of my friends. Such a pretty run. Glad you had a great time you are making me so homesick!

    Whats funny is while you are in my neck of the woods blogging about New England, I am in your home town blogginh about SLC! too funny!

    XO! Katie at Running A Ragnar

    • hahaha seriously, we’ve switched places! that ragnar is so dreamy sounding! (i’m sure really tough though :)

      i made you homesick while you make me homesick!!!!

  • I have always loved the architecture in Cape Cod. It reminds me so much of my parents home. I would love to visit there someday! Have you ever done a post on how you budget your travels? I would be so interested in hearing tips on how to travel on a reasonable budget.

  • Do you mind sharing your ways of getting around from Boston over to Cape Cod then to the various towns, like a very brief itinerary? My husband and I are also planning a trip to the area but in early summer and I love every detail that you out into your blog and would love your ideas!

    • Hi! Of course! You will LOVE this trip. I should have shared our transport, but it was a little bit all over the place!

      We took a ferry from Boston –> to Provincetown and just biked and walked around during our stay there, then took a $20 bus down the entire cape to Hyannis. There we took the ferry over to Nantucket (a MUST!!!) and then met friends in Hyannis port who we drove back to Boston with … so it was a little bit complicated! Sorry if it doesn’t help much! Have so much fun planning!! xo

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