provincetown : cape cod

provincetown : cape cod
after a fun day in boston, our first stop in cape cod was
p r o v i n c e t o w n.

this tiny town stole our hearts from the second we stepped 
off the ferry. the very far tip of cape cod was a fun first
taste of the area. this town is historic, {first landing point
of the pilgrims before plymouth} it’s charming, and it’s
definitely unique. we stayed in a bed & breakfast right
on the water and it was my favorite place. before we
share our darling hotel, here is a taste of the town.

my favorite home! that rooftop deck…
exploring the pier ^^
 and, this happened. this boy can’t resist a gainer.
he informed me he needs to do at least one per year
to “keep him young”…not so sure about that! :)
we took a little jump off the dock together 
too…made us feel like little kids! 
those cape cod beaches..i’m a little bit in love!
the bright, clean beach with the green bluff
and all the dunes…it’s classic. also, the sand 
texture is so much different than the west coast! 
^^ looking back at the cute town from the pier
^^ lobster rolls, take 2

^^ the famous cranberry-flavored everything!
who knew cranberries grew in new england?
i already love them so i was obsessed with all
of the hints of cranberry everywhere…we may
have brought home a few cranberry inspired gifts :) 

 some of the yummy restaurants in town …

ice cream every single day =
necessary on a vacation! 

again, so much history ^^

 see, more ice cream!
{salted caramel to be exact}

cape cod is a place i’ll always be happy to enter!
//thanks to my husband for spotting this cute
swimsuit in a store window in provincetown &
surprising me with it our first day of the trip!

and ps, here was our ferry to the cape..

and a great sunset on the water…
more from the cape to come!