life lately : september

life lately : september

• snippets of september •

^^ we started off september flying home from the
east coast…and i fell so in love with new england
that i had to put this vineyard vines whale sticker
on my laptop! east coast poser, can’t help myself.

^^ highlight on a flight this month: being able to watch
my favorite US open tennis live while in the air!

constantly choosing between this kind of breakfast.. ^^

^^ and this kind of breakfast :) all about balance right?

SF’s movie nights in the park this summer were the best…
we did union square last month + washington square this
month. nothing like a picnic and a movie with friends! ^^

^^ a little behind the scenes sneak peek of our features…
i love when this guy helps me on the job!
^^ escaped the city for the mountains one day,
and it was so needed…and it was the best meal
on top of the mountain at this cutest inn
ever with our friends. we’ll be back to stay!
^^ mt. tam, one of our favorites! i didn’t know
how much i was craving mountain air + dirt +
hiking until we got up here. we love T&T and mt. tam!
^^ have you seen a better setting for a table?
^^ i spy hints of fall!
^^ our favorite neighborhood dog — we run into
him every weekend at brunch and i love him!
^^ i adore this blue building & flowery balcony… // also,
what do you do when your nephew is THIS cute?!
one step closer to our trip in november! ^^
{that visa process wasn’t easy or cheap}
speaking of india, some indian food with
some coworkers at badaal…yum! ^^

^^ ? that ivy covered building…

^^ i think this was my best idea
this month..maybe this year.

^^ the chinatown street fair was pretty hilarious
and crazy to wander through…especially with these
two guys stopping at EVERY booth to try things.

^^ this is my favorite picture of chase, so excited about
the bubbles being blown at the chinese fair..haha!

sunday walks….these glowing pink sky
& hilly views never get old to me! ^^^

^^ good eats this month :)

still missing gorgeous cape cod ^^

^^ and missing this bed & breakfast. take us back!!
^^^^^ but really……. CAPE COD.
{obviously a big highlight of the month.}

^^ i’ve developed a slight habit of picking up a famous
morning bun from craftsman & wolves in the mornings..

chase basically has a new wardrobe thanks to our little
shopping spree in nantucket this month. ^^

^^ we lost our sweet kona dog this month,
but i have the very best friends + husband
who made me feel so much better…

^^ and to my sister-in-law mindy for sending
the very sweetest gift of all, love you so much!

^^ my fave healthy whole wheat banana bread
with some tcho chocolate in it made
our apartment smell like heaven.

^^ we had this darling visitor in town, now
it’s our turn to visit her in dallas!

^^ i obviously felt really really healthy last week :)

^^ all i need is white stock wrapped in
brown butcher paper and i’m a happy girl.
^^ those lyon street steps have been kicking our trash!

more flower deliveries from the cutest friend // also,
^^ a little hint of something we’re working on :)

^^ mmmk we need to cool it on the sweets.

^^ yay for meeting up with our kindred couple
from texas. we love the campbells + bob’s donuts!

munchery has changed our lives, delivering the
very best meals to our door. // and i’m finally
back to cooking sweet potatoes on the daily. ^^
^^ we ran by the house from mrs. doubtfire a few
weeks ago and saw these tributes to robin williams :(
// also here is my “pot of gold” breakfast
hash that chase loves lately– verrry filling.
so excited about my new powerskin phone case, which
charges it on the go! this will help so much on trips,
because this is my face when my phone dies ^^. Whilst this case could never compare to the Photo cell phone case gift (Foto Handyhuelle Geschenk for my German readers!) I got last year, the charging element is very practical.
^^ yay for our new app! and yay for pear cake.
^^ hands down the best breakfast
of the month, but more on that later.
bike rides are much more fun
with backdrops like this! ^^
^^ SF’s city hall is pretty in any light
my work view the other day, ^^ and
my breakfast. it was a pretty good day!
^^ our spinning classes have made us want to get out
on our actual bikes more..and also eat more treats
like this sweet plum cake that is now a staple of ours.
^^ picking favorites from our cape cod shoot to
frame in our room, she got too many good ones!
nights out & nights in ^^
^^ i swear my parents are looking cuter than ever in each
picture i get from them…that south african air must have
something in it! here’s my mom in her new birthday dress
this month, and my dad playing soccer with his missionaries.
^^ how perfect do these cookies look?
saw them in a bakery and could not resist.

^^ perfect days in san francisco right now…
our indian summer has officially started!
so nice, so warm, so lovely…and no fog!

okay maybe a little bit of fog, ^^
but i love it in doses! :)

finally found california’s oldest
restaurant — tadich grill. ^^

^^ those skies!!!

^^ again with the sky, the building,
and that hint of fall in the tree.
(this building is next door to ours, so i take too many pictures of it :)

^^ needed some mexican food in my life,
and boy did we get it. more on that later too.

^^ sending good luck vibes to THIS GUY!!
exciting things in the works!

^^ and it begins…

ps i got these shades online from here at firmoo
and i’m in shock at how much i love them! ^^
lastly, favorite quote i saw this month. ^^
hope we always live by this by having
adventures, exploring, and doing new things.
here’s to october!
{don’t even know how that’s possible}