cape cod photo shoot

cape cod photo shoot
we just so happen to have the cutest friends in boston.
she’s a photographer, and when she came to SF with her
husband last spring she sent me the sweetest long email
asking if we wanted to meet up! i loved her from the second
i read this email and had to meet her! we ended up doing dinner
+ taking a few fun photos in SF’s city hall. we loved getting to know
them on our turf, so when we came to boston we had to meet
up on their turf! brian & annmarie were so sweet to come meet us
on cape cod and {huge bonus}, annmarie was somehow darling
enough to take some photos for us on the pretty cape. she truly
is a talent, and so fun to be with…so this little session was a treat!
i am so in love with what she captured, because this was one of
our favorite trips and new places to explore — and now that memory
is saved forever in these lovely shots! now i need to brainstorm a 
way to get her to come on all of our trips and capture everything :)
for now, i’ll have to just look forward to next time we see them!
here are some of the photos we took in hyannis, cape cod.
see her website here and if you ever need a photographer //
darling friend, look her up! she will make your photos amazing
and your life happy :) she’s a 2 in 1 package: friend + photographer!


for the best photos + an even better friendship!

we’ll love these forever!
see more of cape cod herehere…& here.

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