cambridge // harvard

cambridge // harvard
when in boston, you have to take a trip across
the bridge to cambridge! i love how different it
feels over here, and of course it’s always fun to
visit the prestigious harvard…along with MIT.
hello harvard square! i remember taking a picture here at
this exact spot with my mom when we came to boston
for my first trip. exploring boston was so amazing and
especially seeing these amazing schools through my
high school self. it’s an inspiring place, but i liked coming
back after graduating from my own college where i met
my sweetheart…i know i went to the right school! :)
stopped by the famous harvard “coop,” their book store
where we imagined we were harvard students for a minute :)
then we picked up this copy of one of the best childhood
books i grew up on…which takes place in boston of course!
it was a pretty day on campus!
university campuses always make me
feel nostalgic…especially when i’m 
with my college sweetheart!
of course we stopped at the famous 
j.p. lick’s ice cream, it’s a hot spot!
a little stop by MIT — the funky buildings
fit the campus vibe! google cambridge is also
right near MIT, so we made a stop there.
cambridge gave us some good ice cream on
a hot day, some college nostalgia, and i think a few
extra brain cells from being around those smarties!

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