san francisco MARATHON!

san francisco MARATHON!
we did it! 2 weekends ago i ran my 3rd marathon,
and chase ran his first! i always hoped i’d marry
someone who would do crazy & adventurous things
with me. chase not only travels the world with me,
explores new places, tries new foods, he has now
even run a marathon with me! i picked a winner.
we had a great time despite lots of pain and 
wondering why we were doing it while we were
running :) i am mostly so happy it’s over, the 
soreness is gone, and we have a great memory of
running this classic SF marathon while living here!
it might not be our last marathon, but it will be
for a while! you can see some thoughts i had while
running this marathon here to get a better idea of
what it was like … now the only marathon i’m 
doing for a long time is a movie marathon! :)
^^ laying out my race gear the night before…
had to be ready for the 4:30 AM wake up call!
{ i am so glad that’s over }
^^ pre-race carbo loading. don’t mind if i do!
^^ race expo the day before, always a fun event
that gets me in the mindset of the race we’re doing
^^ really fun expo down by the water at fort mason
^^ so fun to train and sign up with our bestie
kendall! she makes everything more fun.
behind the smiles we are thinking…
“WHAT did we get ourselves into?!!”
^^early morning meeting at the google office with
the entire running team! and, looking at our route..
blurry google running team photo ^^^
^^ this was when we got excited. it’s hard to 
ignore that pre-race buzz, all the people, 
and that start line by the bay bridge!
5 AM faces!
^^ start line — butterflies!
^^ blurry good luck kisses
and, we’re off!
one of the best parts was miles 6-10, running across
the golden gate bridge! we had gotten separated and
found each other on the bridge, so fun, loved it.
^^ we made a new friend on the course
when chase spotted her south africa gear,
where my parents live! we had to snap a
picture for my parents. it’s always really
fun to meet people on the course of a marathon,
they take your mind off the run and make it fun!
^^ somehow chase has the energy to do
clever things in the race photos, meanwhile
i was just barely surviving :)
^^ i love this classic photo of
chase finishing his first marathon
YAY, finisher!
^^ getting his medal, well-deserved
fun to do together!
and, our post-marathon massages at our
apartment were specially themed for
the marathon with extra goodies included..
as if we could love unwind me more!
and, that’s that! it’s pretty crazy that we
ran 26.2 miles, but i love that we did it
together and it was an adventure as always!