“once” on broadway

“once” on broadway
we’ve always been big fans of
broadway musicals…and not 
just me, both of us! we’ve seen
lots together and separately, 
and when we were dating chase
surprised me with NYC for valentines
with 5 broadway shows in one
weekend. (standing room tickets
for us college kids!!) safe to say
we’ve seen our fair share, and on
any given day it’s no surprise to
hear chase belting out broadway
songs in the shower… ha! we
wanted to see once on our last
new york trip…but ended up
seeing pippin instead. so when we
saw that it was coming to SF at 
the curran theater right by us,
chase got us tickets for my birthday
and we finally went! this post is overdue
from last month… it was sitting 
in my drafts but here it is!
the entire theater is so old-fashioned + beautiful.
waiting for the show to start! this show is really
unique in lots of ways, one being that before it
begins there is a live irish “pub scene” on stage
where audience members can go buy drinks and
cast members are playing music. (you can see this
happening in the background ^^) it’s lively and fun
and really different from any other broadway. it
feels more relaxed and open from the get-go.
^^ cheesy picture by the cheesy tagline,
but the show and music are darling.
i loved the accents, the simplicity, and
the acoustic music stripped down of all
the normal broadway fanfare..although we
love the classics, once is refreshing and new.
really though, this chandelier…
it is a show-stopper itself!
thanks for the date night, husband!
i hope we always see broadways together
and that you never stop singing them…!