alamexo, SLC

alamexo, SLC
a few weeks ago when i dropped into 
salt lake city for a quick weekend, number 
one on my list to eat was alamexo.
 my hometown has quite the growing food 
scene and i had heard so much about
this place that i was dying to try it. i’m so glad
we squeezed it in because i don’t know when i’ll be
back in SLC next! it’s the best addition to downtown.
you have to love a place that has
guacamole printed right on their door.. :)
the guacamole is made by your waiter
 right in front of you… beyond fresh, and
you get to see every single simple ingredient.
it was my favorite part of the meal! i could
have just ordered my own bowl of this 
guacamole and chips and been a happy girl.
the space is bright and amazing.
i love how they’ve decorated it and
brought such a good vibe with the light and
the colors…good ambience adds to the meal.
 the menu is unique with much more
of an traditional mexican feel than the
american-mexican that we’re used to
(although i also love that, there are lots
of places that already do it..) so alamexo
is refreshing and really different.
the presentation of every dish is top notch.
i am convinced they have a food arranging
artist back in the kitchen making these look
pretty before they are served, but nope–it’s 
the chef himself! good food and presentation.
winning combination in my book!
carne asada tacos. i LOVE how they serve 
the tacos fajita style and in great portions. 
and, look at that bubbling cheeeese!
roasted pulled chicken enchiladas. simple & 
flavorful, this is a dish i could order regularly.
 i had to order the salmon manchamanteles..
i’m the biggest salmon fan, and i wanted to
try a mexican take on it. GOOD CHOICE by
me! it is a slow cooked salmon filet with crispy 
bananas, pineapple pico de gallo & mole 
manchamanteles… no words do this justice.
these cochinita pibil tacos were so unique– 
orange marinade, cooked in banana leaf, served
with habanero escabeche + sweet plantains.
like i said, not your typical mexican food.
a lot of the inspiration comes from mexico’s
culinary center oaxaca, so it’s true & authentic.
CHOCOLATE tamale. still not over this.
and chocolate dipped fried plantains…
can life get better?!
apricot + cherry tres leches. life complete.
the mastermind behind it all– chef matthew lake.
he has worked at some big time restaurants in
NYC and SF, so SLC is lucky to have him!
we loved talking to him about the food, the
the design around the restaurant, and the
inspiration behind it all. he is amazing! 
lastly, every meal ends with some house-made 
churros, whether you order dessert or not.
 i mean —- how can you not love that!
thanks SLC for getting better & better
each time i visit! friends – go to alamexo!