a peachy day at the beach

a peachy day at the beach
under the boardwalk, we’ll be having some fun…

confession: i love love santa cruz beach and the boardwalk.
it might seem a little cheesy & crowded, but i think it’s
nostalgic and darling and the happiest, brightest place.
we came here all the time when we lived in the 
south bay, so it made for the best weekend to
go back and soak up a sunny day with friends.

look how fun and cute it is!!

love those lights, those hanging flowers, that bright beach

cruising over the boardwalk with my love ^^^
scoping out a beach spot..
this was the best part of the day, napping on these
next to chase in that warm sun. finally a taste of
summer after our last few foggy san francisco months!
we had to get the classic  
boardwalk lunch, burger and fries! 
with a chocolate-filled churro, might i add
tickets for the boardwalk rides, YAY!
riding the sky glider looking over the beach. best ever!
pirate ship, the best ride.

that view!

and this happened. it had been too long.
dippin’ dots are even better than i remember!
treats, treats, treats!
everything is so classic and nostalgic-feeling.
these rides make me feel little again

ride selfies

the swing ride, my FAVORITE!
close your eyes and it feels like flying.

a day at the beach is good for the soul.
hope we’ll be back soon, santa cruz!