road trip up the 1!

road trip up the 1!
last weekend we headed north for a little
road trip up the 1. we’ve gone down the PCH
before and loved it, but we had never
ventured north. we were headed up to
mendocino & fort bragg, but just the
drive there was a trip in itself! 
here are a few photos of the coast 
on the way, and also the food
 to get on the way up the 1.

once we crossed the golden gate 
bridge we were ready to follow the 
coast up the road, but first we made a 
stop for food at the local surfer’s favorite,
cafe del soul. this is a perfect place
to stop in marin county before a
beach day, hike day, surf day,
or trip up the coast. it’s healthy,
fresh, and unique food that was
perfect for our road trip on the way
up to a fun weekend getaway!
^^ i love places with a beachy, laid-back
vibe. this place is pure california.
they have a mill valley location as well
as a san rafael location, where we went
paddleboarding earlier this month. that
would be a good combo…just saying!
 ^^ these two cali boys said they
liked the “notorious dip” with chips the 
best. honestly, we were all surprised that a 
hummus-based chip dip was so delicious! 
it would be ideal for a beach snack.
^^ salads & wraps, oh my!
{one word: fresh}
^^ the southwest salad + quinoa cool were both great
^^ curry don’t stop wrap = such great flavor!
also the chipotle sunrise was top notch.
^^ promise me you’ll get the chips + dip here
to snack on during the drive up the coast…
^^ and, promise you’ll take a drive along the
pacific coast highway one day. beyond beautiful.
much more to come from our
mendocino weekend!