paddleboarding the canal

paddleboarding the canal
our fourth of july morning was spent
paddleboarding the san rafael canal
in the north bay with our cute friends.
it was the BEST possible way 
to start the best holiday! we
crossed the foggy golden gate bridge
and drove into sunny san rafael.
we went to 101 surf sports for our
adventure… we loved it so much!
seriously we cannot recommend this
place more. you drive 20 minutes from
the city and you’re at the happiest, most 
laid-back shop renting paddleboards 
and paddling down the darling canal 
filled with boats. we paddled the 1 mile 
out to the opening of the bay, which
was perfect. it was so sunny and
great weather. paddleboarding is
the most relaxing thing- – why is it
so soothing? i loved every second
and it was a great escape from the
city. who knew san rafael constantly has
sunshine? we’ll definitely be back soon :)
^^ such a pretty day in “sun” rafael :)
^^ having paddle wars
^^ chase started to get fancy learning new tricks
from cort, one of the owners. {see him below}
what a fun day! this really is the 
perfect way to get a taste of summer
in the foggy city, and you can come from
all over the bay to try this place out.
cort & dave are the best, and you’ll love it.