off the grid: favorites

off the grid: favorites
before fireworks on the 4th of july, we stopped by
off the grid…san francisco’s major food truck party.
this place is unreal because the food trucks have to
qualify to even get into it, so you know they are all
top-notch. we couldn’t believe how good the food
was this time and now we plan to go back lots of
friday nights! along the way we’ll show some favorite
food truck finds :) since this was the 4th of july, we
had an all-american meal of chicken + waffles and
the best chocolate ice cream treats from rocko’s.
^^ i had to wear this perfect holiday scarf from white plum!
^^ happy boy getting the best food
^^ haha, we had to :)
^^ first up, fried chicken waffle sandwich with
a korean twist…with maple butter. i am
dreaming of this sandwich still. not kidding.
bok ssam has nailed these flavor combos down,
and i’m sure you can tell just by looking at it
how amazing it was. we were in heaven!
you HAVE to try one of these at off the grid.
^^ for dessert, i couldn’t pass up this cute
ice cream tacos stand. we got a salty caramel
ice cream taco dipped in dark chocolate, and a
vanilla dipped in milk chocolate. we also tried
a frozen banana with chocolate and peanut butter
and…now i need this entire meal again!!! we loved
rocko’s ice cream tacos and fully recommend it.

^^ look at that beauty! like the old choco tacos, 
but gourmet flavors and the good ingredients…
as in, organic ice cream, etc. the best!
^^ and let’s not forget the frozen banana, YUMM.
when you attend off the grid, be sure to try
our first 2 favorites : bok ssam, and rocko’s!
see our 4th of july paddleboarding that
we did before this, and the foggy, pretty 
fireworks we watched after this.