mendocino botanical garden

mendocino botanical garden
our weekend getaway up the coast included
some unique stops, like the mendocino botanical
garden. believe me, this is no typical garden. it’s the
most amazing one i’ve ever seen because of the
location…it’s acres and acres all the way out to the
edge of the ocean! a pretty gorgeous setting for
rows and rows of flowers as far as the eye can see.
we dragged the boys here but even they ended up
liking it because it really is an amazing setting,
and we took the ocean path out to the best views
of the cliffs and sea. it was a feast for the eyes!

^^ these two though…

i always love a good reminder to
“stop and smell the roses…”
especially when it’s with cute friends
in the prettiest garden by the sea.
 add this to your list in mendocino and enjoy!