happy 26 husband!

happy 26 husband!
is forever my lucky day, 
because it’s the day 
my love was born!
how can i not over-celebrate that?
i love that it’s right after the 4th of
july every year, because instead of
being sad when the holiday ends, we
get to keep right on celebrating for a
few more days. we had a fun week 
leading up to his big 26th birthday,
and we also started on a new project
together as chase moves through his
“quarter-life crisis!” :) more on this
later, but we have a goal to become
more outwardly focused in this next
year and next 25 years, so in honor of
his birthday we thought of a great way
to do that together! i think that was
my favorite thing that came out of
his birthday this year, but all of these
celebrations were the icing on the cake.
^^ speaking of cake, i whipped up the traditional
pear cake he has always had on his birthday…
great way to start the celebrations!
^^ we got him fit for a new bike so we 
can ride all over the city again! 
… his old one was stolen, :( so
we also bought a nice lock too! 
^^ also a nice new work bag since
he is starting a new role at google!
so proud of him. he had to be in
intense training for the new role
all day on his birthday, but he loved
it …and he got this new bag for it :)
^^ an in-apartment massage from the
greatest start-up, unwind me.
^^ love his new asics from my parents,
just in time for the SF marathon in a 
few weeks…he better break them in quickly!
and, the best part. we always try to focus on
giving each other gifts of experiences instead
of so many material things. of course there are
some items that he needed this year so it was
fun to give them for his birthday, but my real
gift to him was time together on little outings
in the city, weekend getaways, events, etc!
some of these included paddleboarding, a
new restaurants and food trucks, an
outing to bob’s donuts with great friends,
our getaway this weekend to mendocino, 
a book about alcatraz and tickets for the 
“escape from the rock” tour, a fun lunch 
in sausalito, and an upcoming trip to
boston & cape cod for labor day.
these are the memories that will
always last, and that we love most!
cheers to another year, and the
best man i know! i love you chase t!