good eats in fort bragg

good eats in fort bragg
you know one of our favorite parts about
exploring a new place is finding the best food!
as we recap our weekend trip to mendocino
and fort bragg, i have to include some good eats
for those of you who might make your way up
here for a trip one of these days…and hopefully
everyone else doesn’t mind seeing some great food.

^ for breakfast: egghead’s restaurant. it’s themed
around the wizard of oz, and there’s something
special in the “wicked” hollaindaise sauce on the
eggs benedict, and the original pumpkin cream waffles 
were really yummy..reminded me of these ones!

^ for dinner, mendo bistro. it’s in a 
great 2nd floor space in a historic
building right on main street, and 
the food (especially the seafood) is
great. chef nicholas has a pretty great
background, so if you meet him be sure to
ask him about it. you’ll love the food here!

i don’t know why this caesar salad was one of the 
best ever. actually, i do know why. first: 
polenta croutons = amazing. i don’t like regular 
croutons, so these soft cornmeal polenta ones were my 
favorite part. second: that grilled chicken with it was 
so flavorful and it was the perfect addition to the 
crisp caesar. this was a top quality caesar!

^ sorry…just one more look at those croutons :)

^ great salmon with the perfect corn side.
i love seaside towns with incredible seafood!

^ no words. all i can say is this was a good meal 
after a long and fun day riding the skunk train.

^ and, you know i can’t truly recommend a place
without including the dessert. fresh peaches for the win.

thanks, chef nicholas!
lastly, for ice cream in fort bragg,
{always a must on vacation…}
go to the famous cowlick’s!
you are going to wonder why
i am telling you to get their
famous mushroom ice cream,
but all i can say is just trust me.
has the WTW ever led you astray? :)
it is made of vanilla and ground mushroom,
but i promise it tastes like pure maple syrup.
the coconut is so good too. it’s a fun stop!

we enjoyed some great meals with these friends
over the weekend and hope you’ll try them too
 when in fort bragg! they are all recommended.