fort bragg

fort bragg
we have explored so much of the bay area 
and beyond while living in california the
past 2 years, but we had never gone north up
the coast to mendocino and the old historic
town of fort bragg. after starting to see more &
more about this area, i knew i couldn’t ignore
it any longer and needed to plan a weekend!
i’m so glad i did. we went with our friends
david & mckelle and had such a relaxing
few days discovering this hidden gem.
i have a few posts coming your way
of the fun things this area offers, and
i hope it will inspire lots of visitors like
it did for me! it’s an inexpensive and
unique place to visit — fun for anyone!

this town was established in 1857………
that is really old for the west coast!
it has preserved so much of the history
and it still feels slow-paced and back in
time in some ways, which we loved.
one thing we were excited to see was
the glass beach. we’d seen pictures of it
were amazed! sadly, most of the glass has
been taken, so instead of looking like this:
it looks more like this:
but, still fun to see it and find the tiny
little colorful slivers. glass beach is also
beautiful just with the surrounding beaches
and area, and… those seals. our favorite part
of the day was probably standing watching them
flop around and bask in the sun. the cutest!
^^ i love the rocky, cliff-y beaches of
northern california. they may not be
the best for laying on the beach, but
they sure are a pretty sight for the eyes.
^^ watching the seals! could have stayed for hours.
the “guest house museum” is this old 1892
house turned into a museum. it hasn’t 
been restored, so it’s just how it was and it’s
gorgeous inside. we loved walking through.
we stayed at north cliff hotel, and
our room here had views looking
right out at the cliffs and ocean…it’s hard
to beat that. this hotel is well-named since
it’s right on the cliff! it was close to everything
we did in town, and it’s a great reasonable place
to stay. it’s just right off the main road!
^^ pretty good view for a soak in the tub i’d say!
north cliff is right off the
main road going into town,
and set on the cliff as you can see.
it’s a fun and easy place to stay
when you come to explore this area!
fort bragg was fun because of the history
and the laid-back feel. this gives a little
bit of a sense of the town, but just wait
until you see the amazing activities it has
to offer! if you follow my instagram, @emi
or @welltraveledwife, you’ve seen that we
did the skunk train through the redwoods,
and rode horses on the beach…all in fort bragg!
i can’t wait to share more fun adventures from
this area and highly encourage you to visit!