fondue cowboy

fondue cowboy
one of the things chase wanted for 
his birthday {which has been a 
week-long celebration around here…}
was a night out with just our best friends
at a great restaurant. so, i went to work!
the best part about this crew is
we all love food BIG TIME! we hadn’t 
gotten together for a few weeks, and with
celebrating chase’s birthday i wanted 
to find a really great new place… and
did i ever find it with this restaurant!
we have to share fondue cowboy with you because
whether you live here or plan to visit, it’s definitely
a place to add to your list. as the name suggests, 
it’s very unique and a really fun dining experience.
the owner david has such a great story — he
used to work in the tech industry and was 
really successful, but he had the desire to 
do something different. he wanted to serve
incredible fondue with the authentic ingredients,
but with an american twist…unique, different, 
and perfect for san francisco! so he opened 
fondue cowboy, and the rest is history. it’s on
the edge of SOMA in a place you wouldn’t expect 
to get some of the finest fondue. it is reasonable for
fondue and makes an ideal night out in the city!
^^ first things first, the salads. 
i came here expecting great fondue,
but i had no idea i was in for some of 
the best salad combinations of my life.
honestly, these ingredients and salads 
were some of the best i’ve ever had.
there are just 3 salads, and we tried
all of them…roasted beet, white bean, 
and the favorite: mixed greens with 
roasted pear & gorgonzola + bacon. it was
unforgettable. i’m serious! i was blown 
away at this combination and the
rosemary honey vinaigrette dressing.
it was a great starter before the fondue. 
we tried the stage coach fondue {left}
and the rawhide {right.} they were so 
different and both incredible. the stage
coach had jarlsberg cheese, white wine,
sauteed mushrooms + roasted garlic…a
winning combination. you could especially
taste the mushrooms coming through in the
flavor, which i loved. the rawhide had
gorgonzola and bacon, among other things.
pretty unique and delicious as you can see!
^^ i loved the sides brought out for dipping…
so many different options! great bread, roasted
potatoes {so yummy with the cheese!}, cured meat,
sausage, broccoli, pickles, olives, grapes, apples,
melon, etc. each bite was different and the
flavor combinations were a different level.

by this point i had already had
one of the best meals of my life, 
and dessert hadn’t even happened!
we took a little while to chat before
getting the chocolate fondue…
good thing we took a break, because
these were a masterpiece of their own
to enjoy! we did the happy trails — 
dark chocolate with cayenne, and the
high noon white chocolate with
strawberry balsamic puree. WOW.
dark chocolate will always be my
favorite, but the white chocolate was
the perfect addition and made the two
just different enough. we kept debating
which was better, but they were so 
distinctive and both so incredible.
^^ again, great sides to dip into the chocolate.
the fresh fruit was perfect, as well as the
madelaines, marshmallows, and chocolate
bread. yes, chocolate bread. it’s made
locally and we would eat it just on it’s own..
so imagine how delectable it was dipped! 

^^ the ambience of the restaurant was 
one of my favorite parts. it has great 
lighting, it’s small and intimate, old
western movies are playing on the wall,
and it just has the best feel where you
want to linger as long as possible…
which we did. i loved everything about it! 
^^ thanks to the owner, david, for
telling us so much about the restaurant
and recommending the perfect dishes 
to try. we are major fondue cowboy fans and
we will be back! hope you will be visiting too!
{your tastebuds will thank you!}