foggy fireworks

foggy fireworks
all weekend long i’ve been debating
in my head about whether this year
was our best-ever fourth of july.
the only other one that might beat
it was our 4th of july living in DC,
because..come on, it’s the nation’s
birthday in the nation’s capital.
however, the key difference is that i
expected our 4th in DC to be amazing
(which it was)…but i didn’t have very
high expectations for the 4th in 
san francisco. everyone told us- 
“get out of town, it’s foggy, chilly,
etc…” so i was a little bit sad 
thinking we should have planned
something else! little did i know, we
would have the greatest 4th of july.
it was magical and unique and our
favorite. so, i think it might have moved
to #1 because we didn’t even expect
it and it surprised us! cheers to our 
beautiful country, land that we love! xo
after we went paddleboarding all morning
we had a great lunch in sausalito and later
did dinner at off the grid (the BEST) before
heading to a rooftop party with the most
perfect view of the city and water. you could
see people on all of the rooftops all through
the city, and for some reason i couldn’t get 
over it! i loved it so much. it’s like the entire
city was out and on the roof, with little
bonfire flames and blankets scattered all
over. i felt like i was on the set of a broadway
play or something! it was truly so magical.
^^ that view, & that city. see how the fireworks
turned the fog colorful? it was stunning.
^^ up on the roof. of course chase started
singing the star-spangled banner and
made the entire group join in. classic.
^^ is it just me, or is this scene i n c r e d i b l e?
^^ loved celebrating with these two!
^^ half of the fireworks visible, half lighting 
up the fog. never seen anything like it.
^^ had to include this crazy one!
 ^^ sorry being so cliché with all
these firework pictures, but can’t
get enough. these were special!
we loved the magical, foggy fireworks from 
the rooftop overlooking the sparkly city. 
SF sure knows how to charm us on every occasion. 
happy 4th!