best beignets in the city

best beignets in the city
if the title of this post caught your attention,
you and i would get along well. after all — 
who doesn’t like beignets, and who doesn’t 
want to know the best place to get them?
i’ll tell you the best place…that’s what i’m
here for. brenda’s french soul food is the place.
their space, their food, their live jazz music,
this is where you go for weekend brunch and
beignets. don’t believe me? take a look…
^^ in love with both this mirror 
wall & with my brunch date
( instagram @welltraveledwife)
^^ what is better than live music
while you have brunch?
^^ i took one look at the specials board
and knew i had to get the sweet potato
pancakes with warm butter pecan sauce..
it just felt right. // also here is what our table 
looks like when doing a restaurant feature…

^^ we had to sample the different beignets, 
so here we have the plain, the chocolate,
and the granny smith apple. loved them all.
the plain are good for an appetizer, and the
chocolate is more of a decadent dessert.
^^ on to the eggs benedict. number one, those
biscuits beat any english muffin any day.
they are out of this world. secondly, we really
went southern style and had brenda’s famous
fried chicken instead of traditional ham.
such a delicious + unique eggs benny, loved it!
 ^^those sweet potato pancakes
spoke to my soul. haha, seriously
they were my favorite. i am borderline
obsessed with sweet potatoes, so put
them in pancakes? yes please!
^^ my southern boy loved the
cheesy grits on the side
^^ saved some beignets for dessert!
^^ all in all, the combination of french soul and southern
charm won us over. after all, i lived in france & chase
lived in the south…so this place was made for us!
be sure to go hungry when you eat 
at brenda’s…and tell me what you think!
ps.i just made a new little
instagram just for the blog..
so along with @emi, you can
also follow @welltraveledwife
if you’d like! cheers to friday!